SYSGO Joins Component Obsolescence Group

SYSGO, the European vendor of reliable device software solutions, has just joint the Component Obsolescence Group (COG) Germany. SYSGO will support the COG members with its knowledge how to deal with software obsolescence as well as how to emulate obsolete hardware with software. With the virtualization operating system PikeOS, SYSGO has already proven to address obsolescence issues in the past.

“The COG Deutschland e.V. welcomes SYSGO in the COG community. With this membership, we won a competent partner who will bring his software obsolescence knowledge to our associating companies.”, says Detlef Blum, chairman of the COG Deutschland e.V.

The community of companies affected by hardware or software obsolescence is constantly growing. These companies invest a lot of money to save their former investment. SYSGO will support COG members, providing embedded software expertise in legacy code usage and hardware emulation. Through workshops, presentations and member meetings, COG members exchange information, expertise and resources to provide solutions in addressing product obsolescence for European markets. SYSGO is already focused on the obsolescence market providing PikeOS, SYSGOs real-time operating system for safety critical systems. In several projects, PikeOS has proven to be a cost-effective migration platform for legacy code from other operating systems and other programming languages.

SYSGO provides software solutions for Industrial Systems and Embedded Devices. The company’s product and service offering is focussed on the so-called “system software” (a. k. a. Firmware, Operating System, Device Drivers etc.) one of the most important building blocks in any successful embedded project. It’s the glue between the raw hardware and the upper application software layers. Here important decisions affecting the performance, stability and costs of a product are made. In this area SYSGO covers everything from the basic firmware to the operating system and up to the related middleware, thus providing the foundation for successful application development.

All this made SYSGO a leading company for safety-critical system software and Embedded Linux in Europe with 70 employees in 6 offices in Germany, France, Sweden and Czech Republic. Among its customers you will find OEMs like Siemens, DaimlerChrysler, Rockwell-Collins, EADS, Rheinmetall or Raytheon and hardware-vendors like Motorola, MEN, NEC or Kontron.