Technosoft Intelligent Drives Communicate with Ethernet

Now all Technosoft drives can communicate with a host via an Ethernet network through the auxiliary module, Ethernet / RS-232 Adapter, using the UDP / IP protocol.

Designed in a compact size (72 x 42 x 17 mm), this device has some important incorporated features like: RS-232 connector (DB9 male); Ethernet connector (RJ45 female); TCP / UDP Socket Services; DHCP support; single power supply: 12-48 V (with reverse polarity protection); ESD protection for serial and supply signals; RS-232 communication up to 115 kbps; Ethernet communication 10/100 Base-T, full / half duplex.

Technosoft Ethernet / RS-232 Adapter

Ethernet / RS-232 Adapter translates communication messages encapsulated in UDP packets into RS-232 serial data and vice-versa. When connected to a Technosoft drive, the adapter converts the drive serial port into an Ethernet interface. If several Technosoft drives are connected in a CAN-bus network, a host can access all drives using a single RS-232 serial link with any drive in the network. When combined with the Ethernet / RS-232 Adapter, the host has full access, via Ethernet, to all Technosoft drives connected in a CAN-bus network.

Two LEDs are integrated into the Ethernet port, showing the network status. Other two status LEDs are present on the adapter board. The yellow LED turns on when a host / PC connects to the drive via the adapter. The green LED turns on during traffic between the drive and the host.

The Ethernet Communication option is included in EasyMotion Studio, Technosoft’s software platform for motion programming, and in all TML_LIB motion libraries for PC under Windows or Linux.

Using Ethernet / RS-232 Adapter together with a TML_LIB motion library users can command and interrogate any drive in a multi-axis control system having Technosoft drives connected between them via CAN-bus.

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