RadioScape RS500 Module Wins TechCon Product of the Year

RadioScape, a world leader in digital audio and multimedia broadcast and receiver technology, has just won the TechCon Product of the Year 2006 for its RS500 module, which combines the ability to receive six frequency bands and four radio standards, enabling truly multi-standard digital radios to be created at consumer prices.

These multi-standard radios will open huge new markets for broadcasters and provide listeners with a wealth of new stations to choose from — all with digital clarity – and keep the various technologies transparent to the user who simply selects the station required from an on-screen list.

RadioScape’s pioneering software defined digital radio concept enables the company to create this innovative module, which uses a standard hardware platform running software to provide the functionality thereby keeping costs down. It simply uploads the appropriate software to handle DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting), DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale), FM or AM and automatically configures the RF front end and baseband as required via software.

The RS500 module is already in production and consumer radios based on it will be available soon. A production model was shown at the conference so that attendees could see the features and listen to the quality of the reception across all the radio technologies.

The result of the prestigious award was announced on the 3rd of July 2006 at TechCon, which is organised by the Radio Academy at Cambridge in the UK. There was a shortlist of five products, each of which was presented at the conference and the attendees then voted with the RS500 emerging as the clear winner.

This is the second TechCon that company has won – the first was in 2004 for its innovative RS200 DAB/FM receiver module.

About RadioScape
RadioScape(R) Ltd. is the world’s only developer of end-to-end digital audio broadcasting solutions giving RadioScape unmatched systems knowledge and enabling it to ensure that customers receive the highest levels of quality, robustness and reception at all stages.

Its Digital Radio Broadcast Suite is used extensively throughout the world including the largest DAB installation to date — the UK’s commercial DAB network. This is also being used to roll out Mobile TV services using Digital Multimedia Broadcasting in many countries, particularly in the Asia Pacific region where there are already many installations in China.

RadioScape’s innovative Software Defined Digital Radio(TM) approach has made it a leader in DAB and DMB technology with its DAB receiver modules being extensively used by many of the world’s leading consumer electronics manufacturers. The company has recently begun shipping its first generation of DRM/DAB modules, enabling multi-standard consumer receivers to reach retail this year.

Founded in 1996, RadioScape’s investors include Atlas Ventures, Royal Bank Ventures Investments, Scottish Equity Partners, JAFCO, Texas Instruments, Yasuda Enterprise Development, iGlobe Partners, Psion and Arqiva. RadioScape is headquartered in London, England with offices in Singapore and Hong Kong.

RadioScape is a registered trademark and Software Defined Digital Radio is a trademark of RadioScape Limited.