TEK's Extreme FFT Core Performs One Million 4K Point FFTs/sec

TEK Microsystems, Inc. of Chelmsford MA announced the availability of a new FFT core that performs 4K point FFT’s at least 10 times faster and more efficiently than any previous implementation. Called the Extreme FFT Core, and developed in cooperation with TEK Microsystems strategic partner, QinetiQ of Malvern, UK, this advanced IP core runs at up to one million 4K point FFTs per second. For demanding signal processing applications in both the military and industrial sectors, this advancement can significantly reduce the size, weight and power of embedded systems.

“Once again the alliance between QinetiQ and Tekmicro has advanced the state of the art in embedded systems”, said Andrew Reddig, president and CEO/CTO of TEK Microsystems. “QinetiQ is the recognized leader in FPGA core development for high performance signal processing. QinetiQ IP cores have been licensed by Xilinx for inclusion in their standard set of FPGA IP cores, and the Extreme FFT core continues to push the envelope in FPGA signal processing. This provides us with a significant performance advantage in both speed and throughput over other alternatives.”

The Extreme FFT Core is pre-integrated with TEK Microsystems’ VXS-based products. For example, when used with the Neptune 2 VXS digitizer card, real-time spectral analysis can be performed at 2.2 GSPS (giga samples per second). The Extreme FFT Core features run-time programmable FFT sizes of 1, 2, and 4K along with a run-time programmable window. This very efficient and high performance design only uses about 10K slices which takes up about one third of a Xilinx VirtexII Pro 70 and incorporates optimized arithmetic for maximum signal-to-noise ratio.

The Extreme FFT Core is available as a pre-intergated option on the TEK Microsystems Neptune and Triton VXS products. It is priced at $10,000, and is available today.

About TEK Microsystems, Inc.
Founded in 1981 and headquartered in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, TEK Microsystems, Inc., designs, manufactures and markets a wide range of advanced high-performance boards and systems for embedded real-time computing systems. Tekmicro’s comprehensive product line includes intelligent carrier boards based on widely adopted industry standards and more than 30 I/O modules. These products are used in real-time systems designed for data acquisition, instrumentation, control systems and signal processing in customer applications such as reconnaissance, signals intelligence, satellite telemetry, mine detection, medical imaging, radar, sonar, semiconductor inspection and seismic research.