Sequence Design to Showcase Silicon Aware PowerTheater 65 at DAC

Sequence Design will unveil a host of new technologies for low-power design at this year’s DAC, headed by its new Silicon Aware PowerTheater 65, an RTL power analysis and management solution targeted to address the challenge of designing at 65nm and below.

“Power is an architectural issue that must be addressed early in the design cycle to achieve SoC power goals,” said Vic Kulkarni, Sequence president and CEO. “PowerTheater 65 features a comprehensive set of Silicon-Aware capabilities for low-power RTL design and full-chip power management, even at 65nm. It highlights an exciting slate of new low-power technology we look forward to sharing with customers at this year’s DAC.”

Demos of all Sequence products and their implementation in a complete power-integrity flow will be available at DAC by advance registration online.

New At DAC
PowerTheater 65 enhances its singular ability to accurately estimate power at RTL by adding Silicon-Aware features for multi-voltage islands, mixed voltage threshold, power gating, and clock gating. PowerTheater 65′s capabilities include accurate RTL power analysis closely correlated to actual silicon; power management tools that allow designers to reduce power at RTL using “what-if” scenarios and make early tradeoffs at the architectural level; power vector forward technology to select vectors for downstream analysis, feeding them to later stages of the design cycle for gate-level verification and voltage-drop analysis; and gate-level power verification, preventing power creep.

Sequence will also be demonstrating its Cool products, consisting of CoolTime, CoolPower, and CoolCheck. CoolTime and CoolPower are both concurrent and SI-aware, thus enabling fast design closure times by preventing time consuming iterations between separate timing, SI, and power analysis and optimization tools.

CoolPower contains the industry’s richest set of power optimization capabilities. Both dynamic and leakage power can be automatically optimized using CoolPower’s cell resizing, multi-Vt cell swapping, and power gating features.

At DAC, Sequence will introduce clock power and voltage island analysis, two new options for both CoolPower and CoolTime for dynamic power reduction.

CoolCheck, is the first and only formal power grid verification tool, enabling designers to check 100% of all power-grid connections, rapidly detecting errors that both static and dynamic voltage-drop solutions fail to find. CoolCheck detects structural defects (missing vias, etc.) and connectivity defects (high resistance, etc.) in the grid as early as the floorplanning stage of the design flow.

Extraction Made Easy
The company’s award-winning Columbus series of extraction products gets an update with new, high-capacity viewers. Columbus-AMS is a complete, GUI-controlled RLC extractor for the accurate modeling and simulation of high-performance analog designs, and 90nm and below digital cells and IP blocks. Speedview-AMS is a new, fast, high-capacity viewer fully integrated with Columbus-AMS for efficient analysis. Columbus-Turbo features power management, power-grid analysis, and signal timing and integrity analysis and optimization.

Complete information on all Sequence products is available online.

About Sequence
Sequence Design accelerates the ability of SoC designers to bring high-performance, power-aware ICs quickly to market. Sequence’s power and signal- integrity software solutions give customers the competitive advantage necessary to excel in aggressive technology markets, despite the demanding complexity and time-to-market issues of nanometer design. Sequence serves over 150 customers worldwide, in application segments such as consumer, wireless, mobile computing, multimedia, cell phones, digital cameras, network-on-chip processors, and other power-sensitive markets. The company was named by Reed Electronics as one of the top 10 companies to watch in the electronics industry, and was recently selected as one of high-tech’s Top 100 companies by siliconindia magazine. Sequence has worldwide development and field-service operations and is privately held.