RE2 and RTI Team for Unmanned Systems and Robotic Platforms

RE2, Inc. announced today that it has formed a non-exclusive strategic alliance with Real-Time Innovations (RTI) to give vendors a comprehensive Joint Architecture for Unmanned Systems (JAUS)-compliant middleware solution for unmanned vehicles and robotic platforms. RE2 is a Carnegie Mellon spin-off specializing in agile defense robotics, particularly JAUS development and services. RTI supplies middleware and distributed data management solutions for real-time systems, including the company’s RTI Data Distribution Service (formerly NDDS).

RE2 and RTI intend to integrate the RE2 JAUS Software Development Kit (SDK) and RTI Data Distribution Service in order to provide the unmanned systems industry with a comprehensive JAUS-compliant middleware solution. The combination of these technologies will ensure reliable communication in real time and give developers the ability to tune their communication systems with an eye towards quality of service. The integrated solution also provides a scalable platform that isolates the software implementation from the hardware architecture and underlying communications mechanisms.

“We believe that the combined strengths of RE2 and RTI will provide unmanned systems developers and existing RTI users with a comprehensive solution for JAUS-compliant middleware,” said Jorgen Pedersen, president and CEO of RE2. “Not only do we provide our customers with a JAUS toolkit and integration services, but now, we can offer a complete JAUS-compliant middleware solution.”

Chris Lanfear, director of the Embedded Software Group at Venture Development Corporation observed, “Military applications require the highest level of reliable, real-time performance. Tactical communication systems often need to be installed or reconfigured within hours. From underwater and sea-surface robotics to military tactical communications to advanced warning and control systems, JAUS-compliant systems are essential for moving the entire unmanned systems market forward.”

“RTI Data Distribution Service is a key component in many military systems,” stated David Barnett, VP of Product Management of RTI. “By creating a JAUS wrapper around the RTI Data Distribution Service, we will provide our customers specializing in unmanned systems and robotics with a robust JAUS-compliant middleware solution to ensure that they meet the Department of Defense (DoD) JAUS mandate.”

Both RE2 and RTI have extensive experience with unmanned systems programs. For example, RE2 is partnered with Carnegie Mellon to develop JAUS-compliant software for the Robotic Systems Joint Project Office Gladiator Tactical Unmanned Ground Vehicle (TUGV). The company also designed a JAUS-compliant Small Robot Infrastructure Toolkit under the U.S. Army TACOM Phase I SBIR program. RTI is a spin-off from a Stanford University robotics research group. Since 1991, RTI’s technology has been used in the development of a wide variety of robotics and industrial control applications, both commercial and military. These include unmanned underwater, ground and aerial vehicles.

About the Joint Architecture for Unmanned Systems (JAUS)
JAUS is a DoD-mandated software messaging protocol developed to establish a communications standard for unmanned systems. The JAUS Working Group was chartered in 1998 by the DoD’s Joint Robotics Program to create the JAUS standards, gain UGV community acceptance, and expand the architecture.

About the RE2 JAUS SDK
The RE2 JAUS SDK provides the software tools and documentation necessary to transform any unmanned system into a JAUS-compliant system. The RE2 JAUS SDK is comprised of two main elements: required component binaries and a software code library to send/receive any JAUS message. The binaries include Communicators and Node Managers which route JAUS message traffic based on configuration files set-up by the system designer. The software code library provides an application program interface to C/C++ functions allowing a programmer to easily send/receive any JAUS message routed through the Node Managers and Communicators. Operating systems currently supported by the RE2 JAUS SDK include QNX, Linux, VxWorks, Windows and Mac OS.

About RTI Data Distribution Service
RTI Data Distribution Service (formerly NDDS) is networking middleware that implements a real-time publish-subscribe communications model and allows distributed processes to share data without concern for physical location or network architecture. RTI Data Distribution Service is an open-architecture platform based on the Object Management Group’s (OMG) Data Distribution Service for Real-Time Systems standard (DDS). RTI Data Distribution Service is field-proven in a wide variety of time-critical applications. It is available with C, C++, and Java programming interfaces.

About RE2, Inc.
RE2, Inc. (Robotics Engineering Excellence), is a Carnegie Mellon spin-off company specializing in mobile defense robotics with an emphasis on JAUS software development and unmanned systems components. RE2′s feature products include the RE2 JAUS Software Development Kit (SDK) and the SHERPA unmanned ground vehicle platform. RE2 also provides a broad range of unmanned systems services, including system integration, software development, robotics engineering and semi-autonomous navigation. RE2′s expertise lends itself to several markets, including defense, law-enforcement, homeland security and EOD. For more information, please call (412) 681-6382.

About RTI
Real-Time Innovations (RTI) supplies middleware and distributed data management solutions for real-time systems. With innovative technology and deep expertise in distributed applications, RTI provides an unequaled competitive advantage to customers developing systems that benefit from high-performance access to time-critical data. RTI solutions have been deployed in a broad range of applications including command and control, intelligence, surveillance, data fusion, simulation, industrial control, air traffic control, railway management, roadway traffic monitoring and multimedia communications. Founded in 1991, RTI is privately held and headquartered in Santa Clara, California.

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