Parco to Demonstrate NeXt Generation Real Time Location System

Parco has announced plans to demonstrate its NeXt Generation real time location system at the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation(AAMI) Conference and Exhibition. The AAMI conference & exhibition is being held in Washington, DC from June 24th to the 26th.

As with past events of this type, the key advantage to these live demonstrations is the rapid deployment and integration capabilities of the Parco RTLS using the new technology a Parco tracking system is up and running on the exhibit room floor in under 15 minutes. This includes creating a two or three-dimensional graphic representation of the area’s layout so attendees can see tags moving along a floor plan of the area in front of them.

For Parco’s prospective customers, seeing the company’s tracking systems up close and personal can be very convincing. Parco will exhibit and demonstrate the tracking system’s capabilities to AAMI attendees. The system demonstrates consistent movement of tags within a granularity of one foot or less from distances up to two hundred feet away. “Trigger areas” will demonstrate the enhanced strengths of the company’s systems that go well beyond answering the question: “where is the asset or individual?” Trigger areas are unique to the Parco software and are only possible because of the system’s capability of very accurate reporting of the tag’s actual location. These are virtual geographic areas, as small as a foot, or as large as an entire wing of a building. These pre-defined areas can “trigger” an automated response when certain conditions are present, i.e., when a tagged asset or person enters or exits a pre-defined space a triggering event is made to occur. Trigger areas can be rapidly defined within the Parco software, and can be programmed to trigger an automated alert in the form of an electronic signal, audible alarm, electronic page, visual alarm, electronic text message, phone alert, automatic power shutdown, automatic activation of other systems, etc.

Parco will provide live demonstrations focused on improving efficiency in healthcare systems. Part of the demonstration will include tracking around various medical assets including a mobile cart supplied by InfoLogix.

During the show Parco will introduce two new products: XG UWB Asset Tag and XG UWB Reader. These new products represent the first devices in Parco NeXt Generation Precision Location Technology System. The XG UWB Asset Tag represents an industry breakthrough for price, performance and tag size. It will retail for $19 – half previous tag prices. The XG UWB Reader is now compatible with industry standard Ethernet and Power Over Ethernet local area networking gear. Additional Reader capabilities include hot swappable operations and easy development features. The reader will retail for $1,900 which is an overall price reduction of 30%.

More information can be found at AAMI’s website. Please visit us in booth #011.