Intel Ends Life, Innovasic Offers Replacement ICs

Innovasic Semiconductor, a leader in replacement integrated circuit (IC) and microcontroller solutions, today announced that it is developing a roadmap to address Intel’s recent end of life notice (EOL).

Discontinued products identified in the notice include the 8051, 251, 8096/196, 188/186, i960, all versions of the 386 (including the 386EX) and 486. Innovasic plans to develop replacements for several of these components and is currently working with customers to identify and prioritize their needs.

“We are currently working to determine which of these ICs we will develop and offer as off-the-shelf products,” said Keith Prettyjohns, CEO of Innovasic Semiconductor. “Our initial assessment is that the 186/188 family and the 386 family appear to be in the highest demand with our customers.”

Innovasic has set up a special page on their web site to allow customers to input their estimated requirements so that the company can develop a roadmap to meet their needs.

Volker Goller, General Manager of Aachen based mocom software GmbH & Co.KG is a qualified local contact for initial information and to answer dedicated technical questions.

Innovasic Semiconductor
Innovasic is a fabless semiconductor company, providing replacement ICs and embedded solutions for the industrial and long life-cycle markets. The company provides solutions that directly address obsolescence problems as well as other issues of concern to industrial customers such as inventory management, hard real-time/safety-critical performance and power consumption.

The company has established itself as an approved vendor of extended life replacement ICs to many of the leading industrial equipment manufacturers, enabling them to continue to build products that rely on ICs discontinued by the original vendor. Innovasic has developed a unique process and technology that allows the rapid design of a pin-compatible and 100 percent fully function-compatible replacement for embedded microcontrollers, peripheral ICs and analog/mixed signal interface chips.