Orchestra to Market TimeSpring's Continuous Data Protection Software

TimeSpring(R) Software Corporation and Orchestra GmbH announced an agreement under which Orchestra will offer TimeSpring’s TimeData(TM) continuous data protection (CDP) software to its customers and resale partners in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Founded in 1998, Orchestra is Germany’s premier provider of data management and services with more than 600 customers from all lines including Airbus, Adidas, Citibank, DaimlerChrysler, NEC and Pfizer.

TimeSpring’s TimeData(TM) CDP software represents a major improvement over data replication, snapshot and traditional backup systems for Windows applications. The software is easy to use, non-disruptive and affordable. TimeData CDP software is file-based, and application-aware. It captures all changes to application data as they occur and understands important application consistency events, such as checkpoints and transactions. All data changes are immediately transferred for protection to a Windows-based storage repository. Once installed, the system automatically and continuously protects data without scheduling, backup windows, or slowing down production on Exchange, database or file servers. Users can easily recover complete or partial data sets to any desirable points in time. This makes it possible to rapidly recover from data loss, corruption or disaster or to leverage data for activities such as testing, business intelligence or reporting. It operates continuously, without operator intervention or scheduling. Transactions are protected and the integrity of the audit trail is maintained. The software also makes current and historical data available for offline processing.

Under the terms of the agreement, Orchestra will act as a Value-Added Distributor for TimeSpring and will offer TimeData for sale through its Value-Added Reseller network in Europe. Orchestra will provide localized technical support for TimeData customers and is a recognized leader in providing technical and consulting expertise in the areas of backup, archiving, data management, databases and networks. The company employs approximately 60 people in 5 locations and provides the Europe-wide largest support team for EMC Software Group products in 12 countries. Orchestra invests heavily in maintaining leading edge support capabilities, including highly specialized infrastructure, test laboratory, training, and call center.

“Our customers require better, more precise data protection than backup and snapshots can provide,” said Dietmar Ulrich, Managing Director of Orchestra. “Orchestra has a strong tradition of analyzing the market and recognizing trends in technology. The time is right for CDP in Europe. We conducted a detailed assessment of TimeData software in our test laboratory and are confident that it will dramatically improve recovery time and recovery point objectives for our customers. We are happy to partner with TimeSpring to introduce CDP to our market, as they are clearly the leader in true CDP.”

TimeData has been installed at companies across such industries as financial services, retail, government, and transportation in the United States and Canada. Companies that have deployed TimeData range from medium to large enterprise, protecting Exchange, SQL Server and file-based application data. Signing this distribution agreement with Orchestra marks the start of a strategic initiative by TimeSpring to expand business beyond North America throughout the remainder of 2006 and 2007.

“We are delighted that Orchestra has chosen to partner with TimeSpring,” said Janae Lee, CEO of TimeSpring. “Orchestra’s deep technical expertise and first rate support infrastructure are well positioned to ensure customer satisfaction in Germany and beyond. Orchestra is highly regarded by end user customers and its extensive network of Value-Added Resellers. Together, Orchestra and TimeSpring are well equipped and poised to deliver dramatically improved data protection and availability through truly Continuous Data Protection. For TimeSpring, this partnership is the first step in our expansion beyond North America.”

About TimeSpring Software Corporation
Capitalizing on its technology patents, TimeSpring’s software is setting a new standard for continuous data protection and availability. TimeSpring’s software, TimeData, automatically captures all changes to application data in real-time, making it possible to recover from loss, corruption or security breaches within minutes. Additionally, TimeData makes it easy to analyze report and test using real data at any time, without impacting operations. TimeData is easier to implement, easier to use and more affordable than other systems. Founded in 1994, TimeSpring has business offices in Newport Beach, California, and Montreal, Quebec, Canada. More information is available by calling (408) 834-8966.

About Orchestra GmbH
Established in 1998, Orchestra GmbH is a Value-Added Distributor and service provider with offices in 5 locations throughout Germany, Austria and Croatia. The company offers technical expertise and consulting in the areas of Backup and Archiving, Data Management, Databases and Networking. Orchestra maintains advanced infrastructure, test laboratory and call center and provides technical product support. Orchestra is a TimeSpring Premier TimePartner and an EMC Exceptional ATSP. For more information on Orchestra call +49 8105 370 132.