Celoxica, GiDEL to Accelerate Embedded Imaging Applications

Celoxica (LSE:CXA) today announced a partnership with reconfigurable computing specialist GiDEL to drastically reduce design time for high-end image processing, broadcast and machine vision applications. Using programmable logic as a low-power coprocessor to accelerate system performance, the partnership will integrate Celoxica’s ESL design environment and video IP libraries with GiDEL’s high-performance FPGA+ modular DSP platforms.

The maturity of ESL design tools for FPGA, coupled with demand for real-time performance in imaging and video based applications, has turned designers to programmable logic to provide coprocessor acceleration to existing DSP or microprocessor solutions. Processor-intensive functions are off-loaded to the FPGA, processed in real time and returned to the host or migrated completely to the FPGA fabric.

Celoxica’s system design tools enable developers to implement their proprietary C algorithms directly into the FPGA hardware and are augmented with libraries of parameterizable video IP. Using Celoxica’s open API software and board support packages, users create imaging applications independent of board level detail and compile their applications to programme the FPGAs on GiDEL platforms.

“From our experience in video and machine vision applications we saw the demand from software and DSP designers to exploit FPGA-based coprocessors,” said Shlomo Keisari, vice president of sales and marketing for GiDEL. “By partnering with Celoxica we can provide our customers with a proven C-based design solution that makes our hardware platforms completely software programmable.”

Celoxica’s DK Design Suite of programming tools and PixelStreams library of parameterizable video IP target GiDEL’s PROC series of high-performance reconfigurable computing platforms. The modular boards are fitted with high density FPGAs from Altera Corporation, high-end DSPs from Texas Instruments and are supported with high speed interconnect. To support imaging applications, GiDEL’s platforms offer VGA, DVI and the industry-standard CameraLink.

“Using the DK Design Suite to directly implement software algorithms onto GiDEL’s hardware platforms, designers can stay in their familiar software design environment but take advantage of the FPGAs parallel processing structures,” said Sandeep Ram vice president of European sales for Celoxica. “The end result is better performance with unbeatable design time efficiencies.”

Bundled hardware and software solutions are available immediately, with pricing dependent upon platform configuration and modular options.

About Celoxica
Celoxica is enabling the next generation of advanced electronic products by producing tools, boards, IP and services that turn software into silicon. Celoxica technology raises design abstraction to the algorithm level, accelerating productivity and lowering risk and costs by generating semiconductor hardware directly from C-based software descriptions. Adding to a growing installed base, Celoxica provides the world’s most widely used C-based behavioural design and synthesis solutions to companies developing semiconductor products in markets such as consumer electronics, defence and aerospace, automotive, industrial and security. Celoxica is a publicly traded company on the Alternative Investment Market of the London Stock Exchange under the symbol CXA.

About GiDEL
GiDEL Ltd is a successful, profitable and innovative company which was founded in 1993. GiDEL has become one of the market leaders as a company that continuously provides cutting-edge reconfigurable technology utilising FPGAs. GiDEL sees its customers as partners and uses its vast experience at the project-level & FPGA design to focus on its customers’ projects success.

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