Real Time Logic Rolls Out Barracuda UPnP SDK

Real Time Logic, a leading provider of networking software, announces the release of Barracuda UPnP Software Development Kit for developing UPnP enabled devices and control points. This highly portable SDK is designed specifically for resource crunched embedded systems. The Barracuda UPnP Software Development Kit has a tiny foot print and is extremely portable. It is capable of running on all available RTOS, Network stacks, and hardware platforms. The Barracuda UPnP software delivers high performance network output based on a complete asynchronous operation mode.

The UPnP architecture is a distributed, open networking architecture which uses existing Internet standards and languages like TCP/IP, HTTP and XML to transparently enable peer-to-peer networking, in addition to control and data transfer among networked devices in the home, office and public spaces. The architecture enables control points to discover and control devices on a network, independent of particular operating systems, programming languages or physical network connections.

The Barracuda UPnP SDK is 100% ANSI-C, easy to implement, lightweight, and can run in single thread or multi-thread mode. Barracuda UPnP SDK for UPnP Certified devices are available now for licensing and evaluations.

Real Time Logic