YOGITECH Rolls Out OCP 2.1 e-Language Verification Component (eVC)

YOGITECH, a leading supplier of OCP based verification solutions, today announced the release of version 2.0 of their OCP 2.1 e-language Verification Component.

The new release introduces a major enhancement of the embedded Protocol Checker by incorporating the Functional Coverage guidelines newly released by the Open Core Protocol International Partnership (OCP-IP).

State-of-art dynamic functional verification methodologies are based on three main components: coverage items, protocol checks and the generation of constrained pseudo-random stimuli to address coverage items.

This last component is usually ensured by a tool based automation, the exhaustiveness of the other two components is the key element in order to achieve the best verification quality possible.

In the new release of the OCP 2.1 eVC the coverage items of the Protocol Checker are aligned with the Functional Coverage guidelines recently released by the OCP-IP Functional Verification Working Group.

This is consistent with YogiTech’s philosophy as previous versions of the eVC also embedded protocol checks that were fully compliant with the latest official OCP Compliance Checks from OCP-IP.

The Functional Coverage guidelines recently released by OCP-IP provide objective verification criteria for an OCP interface to be compliant with the OCP 2.1 specification.

The guidelines result from the combination of a deep protocol expertise and direct in-field implementation in different applications by the OCP-IP members.

“The now broad worldwide implementation of the OCP 2.1 eVC, combined with the strong OCP expertise of YOGITECH makes our e Verification Component product the quickest and most reliable way to achieve the highest verification quality” said Silvano Motto, CEO of YOGITECH.

“The high verification quality of our OMAP platform has depended heavily on our use of the YOGITECH OCP e Verification Component” said Vincent Gillet, OMAP Verification Manager of Texas Instruments “Therefore we welcome the new release of the OCP 2.1 eVC and are grateful to YOGITECH for their contribution in the OCP-IP Functional Verification Working Group”.

“OCP has a robust, thriving infrastructure supported by numerous independent, leading-edge companies providing excellent services and products,” said Ian Mackintosh, President OCP-IP. “Through the work and support of our member companies, such as Yogitech, we continue to make available the latest tools for product creation which ensures the convenient adoption, deployment and implementation of the OCP standard. We thank Yogitech for their participation and valuable contributions to our Functional Verification Group and to the development of the recently released Functional Coverage Guidelines.”

YOGITECH is a company with proven experience in System-on-Chip, Mixed-Signal design & verification, and fault-tolerant integrated circuits. Founded in 2000, YOGITECH is leveraging unique expertise in Specman Elite to provide sophisticated e Verification Components to the market.

Sponsor Member of OCP-IP, YOGITECH is active member of the OpenChoice Partnership and of the Verification Alliance with Cadence, member of the SPIRIT Consortium and ARM Technology Access Partner.

YOGITECH offers a catalogue of eRM Verification Components to shorten time-to production of IPs and systems based on standard protocols like OCP, ATAPI, CAN and LIN, and the analogue Mixed-Signal Verification Kit (AMS vKit), a unique solution for the verification of mixed-signal circuits and systems. Nowadays, the world main leaders in the semiconductor industry rely on YOGITECH’s solutions and services.