Hunt Engineering Debuts Image Acquisition and Processing System

Hunt Engineering has released an image acquisition and processing Ready-to-Go system.

The RTG005 is a programmable USB connected FPGA system with a CameraLink(tm) base connection. The FPGA in the system has an embedded PowerPC processor allowing users to combine hardware processing programmed in VHDL and software processing programmed in C for their system design.

In addition, the system comes with 128Mbytes DDR SDRAM that can be used both for code and frame storage. Hunt Engineering supplies VHDL support to allow concurrent access to the DDR memory from both the embedded PowerPC and the VHDL design.

The system is shipped with an imaging example design which performs many standard imaging functions and streams the data to a Host PC for display. Source code for this is included so developers can use it to start development quickly.

The RTG005 can be used standalone or connected to a PC via USB and comes complete with USB cable, I/O cables, mains Power Supply Unit plus a CD with all documentation, tutorials, software tools and examples for a price of only £1600.

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