Hitec Lowers Cost of RF Screening Can Development

Cambridge metalwork company, Hitec, have announced a new service that will lower the cost of screening can development for European technology companies. Using computer aided design software and computer controlled metal punching technology, Hitec are able to create rapid prototypes without the need for expensive and timely tooling development.

RF screening cans are essential components in today’s electronic equipment. They are used to limit the emission of radio frequency signals that is generated from electronic circuits. Developers often have to ensure that radio frequency emissions comply with current regulation; Hitec’s services will help developers achieve compliant designs in the shortest possible time. Although Hitec are able to develop custom screening devices, their standard product is based on using 0.6mm mild steel with a tin plated base and zinc plated upper lid.

RF screening can

“We’ve been working closely with the technology sector for many years and over this time I think we’ve manage to perfect the art of developing and producing screening components,” said John Stevenson, Managing Director of Hitec. “The traditional method of machining these components was by using a chemical etching process or hard tooling, these can be very expensive and time consuming. By exploiting the benefits of computer aided design software and computer controlled metal punching technology, we can now deliver product much faster and more competitively. In fact, it even gives our clients more freedom to revise designs or request low volume batch sizes, something that wasn’t really possible before.”

RF screening can actual size

In addition to making the screening components, Hitec’s designs are also used as circuit security devices. These components are of a similar nature to the screening cans but once soldered into the PCB will offer a circuit or silicon device protection from interference by service technician or anyone attempting to modify the equipment. Hitec have shipped many thousands of both the screening and security components and can offer a fast turn around for any new customers seeking a new supplier of screening devices.

About Hitec
Hitec provide precision fabrication and machining services to the European technology sector. Using a wide range of modern CNC machinery and specialist laser cutting technology Hitec is able to provide technology companies with all they need to achieve the mechanical aspects of their design. From the prototype stage, right through to final production, Hitec has proven again and again that it has the expertise, the technology and the communication to work closely with their customers, enabling their customers to deliver excellent technology.