TurboTools CablEquity Integrates with Autodesk Inventor

TurboTools(TM) Corporation, a leading provider of HES(TM) and Systems Design Productivity Solutions, announced the availability of a plug-in that links CablEquity(TM) 2006 with Autodesk Inventor, the world’s best-selling 3D mechanical design software. The company also announces that CablEquity(TM) 2006 has been certified for Autodesk Inventor 11 under the Autodesk Inventor Certified Applications Program. Certification is granted only after a product has been thoroughly tested by internal staff at Autodesk. Certified applications meet certain implementation guidelines and demonstrate the highest levels of robustness, quality, and interoperability with Autodesk Inventor software. CablEquity is a patent pending universal Productivity Solution that automates the design and documentation of Hardware Electrical Systems.

TurboTools is focused on the automation design process of highly integrated electronic equipment, mechatronic systems, high-tech instrumentation, process and capital equipment, automotive, aircrafts, ships, power plants, oil drilling platforms, etc. CablEquity 2006 delivers full system design automation resulting in significant cost savings in products development, significant time savings per design, and tremendous productivity improvements. The new version offers a host of powerful features including automated generation all assembly drawings, schematics and bill of materials, “pick and drag” design sketching, full scale “nail board” drawing, enhanced control schematics and bills of materials, fully integrated RoHS compliant components database, and customizable editing assembly drawings.

CablEquity 2006 with Autodesk Inventor

“We are extremely pleased to be certified under the Autodesk Inventor Certified Applications Program. This clearly demonstrates the two companies’ dedication to providing effective solutions for our customers,” says Alex Chernyak, founder and president of TurboTools Corporation. “CablEquity’s powerful, yet easy to use, capabilities add to Autodesk Inventor designs accuracy and speed, and put them into production quickly and easily. The Autodesk Inventor and TurboTools CablEquity combination offers Autodesk Inventor users incredible value and performance.”

Richard Runnells, senior manager of Partner Programs at Autodesk, commented that TurboTools has done a great job of leveraging the strength of Autodesk Inventor. “By certifying CablEquity for Autodesk Inventor 11, TurboTools enables customers to take advantage of our integrated design solution,” Runnells explained. “We’re pleased to have the strong support of TurboTools for Autodesk Inventor and our users can be assured that the same standards of product quality we have for Autodesk Inventor are being extended to the integration with the CablEquity suite of solutions.”

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About TurboTools(TM) Corporation
TurboTools Corporation was founded in January 1999 in San Francisco, California. Its flagship application, CablEquity 2006, is a complete end-to-end design and manufacturing solution for hardware system architects and integrators, electrical and electronic engineers and scientists. TurboTools’ unique System Level Design product line allows engineers to develop or redesign of new and existing product designs. These tools help engineers speed up time to market and make better, safer, reliable and more robust products at a lower cost. For online evaluation of fully functional CablEquity contact TurboTools Corporation at +1.415.759.5599 to schedule FREE server access.

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