Squire Technologies Facilitates Transit of GSM Traffic for Nortel

Squire Technologies, the specialist provider of carrier-class signalling, SS7 and VoIP products and services, has today announced that a custom-engineered version of its ANSI SCCP Protocol Converter is to be used by network vendor Nortel. The customised solution will facilitate the transit of GSM traffic in Russia by converting two disparate variants of SS7.

Faced with the challenges raised by Russia’s existing mobile infrastructure, Nortel sought a solution from Squire Technologies that would allow for inter-working between different versions of SS7. However, during the on-site installation of Squire’s SVI 9220 SS7 Protocol Converter, Squire’s engineers determined that the product would need to be customised to meet Nortel’s requirements.

As a result, Squire re-engineered the ANSI SCCP Protocol Converter to allow non-circuit related signalling (such as TCAP) to be carried over SS7 routes, as well as other functionality that would allow Nortel to achieve its communications goals. The period from the initial on-site investigation to the installation of the finished, customised product was less than two weeks.

“Squire Technologies’ SS7 expertise and committed support allowed them to rapidly deliver against our specific network requests,” said Sergei Kulyov, Nortel, Russia. “I would highly recommend them.”

“Although most of our customers are happy with our products ‘straight out of the box’, it is essential that we can also offer custom-engineered solutions, like this one for Nortel,” said Andrew Cooper, Managing Director, Squire Technologies. “With so many SS7 variants in use throughout the world, companies are increasingly looking for solutions that will provide inter-working between all of these different alternatives.”

In addition to facilitating the flow of GSM traffic, the resulting solution will provide signalling-only termination (i.e. with no bearer channels terminated), thereby reducing the cost of additional TDM connectivity on the protocol converter itself. Also, since the TDM voice circuits go directly between the two interconnects, Squire’s Protocol Converter will provide a higher bandwidth of interconnect at a reduced cost.

About Squire Technologies
Established in 2001, Squire Technologies Ltd has experienced rapid year-on-year growth by providing carrier-grade telecoms products and services to the telecommunication industry worldwide, with deployments in more than 40 countries. First launching as an SS7 consultancy that built custom products from best of breed hardware, Squire Technologies quickly began to use this expertise to build and deliver carrier grade SS7-based signaling products. This shift in focus evolved, and today Squire Technologies provides a wide range of SS7 products – protocol converters, gateways and an extensive range of VoIP products including Gateways, Media Gateway Controller, and SoftSwitches.

About Nortel
Nortel is a recognized leader in delivering communications capabilities that enhance the human experience, ignite and power global commerce, and secure and protect the world’s most critical information. Our next-generation technologies, for both service providers and enterprises, span access and core networks, support multimedia and business-critical applications, and help eliminate today’s barriers to efficiency, speed and performance by simplifying networks and connecting people with information. Nortel does business in more than 150 countries.