Northwest Logic Ports PCI Express Products to LatticeSC FPGA Devices

Lattice Semiconductor (NASDAQ: LSCC) today announced that Intellectual Property (IP) provider Northwest Logic has ported its PCI Express product line, consisting of x1, x4 and x8 IP cores, to LatticeSC(TM) (System Chip) FPGA devices. A member of the Lattice ispLeverCORE(TM) Connection program, Northwest Logic is a leading supplier of PCI Express, PCI-X and PCI IP cores for chip-to-chip connectivity. Together, Lattice and Northwest Logic provide a complete range of PCI Express solutions, enabling designers to quickly implement PCI Express systems on LatticeSC devices.

Northwest Logic has ported its entire PCI Express core product line using the newly released version 6.0 of Lattice’s ispLEVER(R) software design tool suite. Using version 6.0, Northwest Logic was able to take advantage of the LatticeSC clock boosting technology, which automates optimization of setup and clock-to-output times in register-to-register paths to improve timing performance. The core also takes advantage of the PCI Express packet support embedded in the LatticeSC’s exclusive Physical Coding Sublayer (PCS) feature, specifically the 8b/10b encoding and multi-channel alignment blocks. Northwest Logic becomes the first Lattice IP partner to take advantage of these hard-coded features in the LatticeSC FPGA.

Northwest Logic’s x1, x4 and x8 cores have successfully completed compliance testing against the PCI Express version 1.1 base specifications defined by the PCI-SIG standards organization. They have hardware-validated the x1 and x4 cores using the LatticeSC PCI Express evaluation board with the Lattice LFSC25 device, the first in a series of new 90nm (nanometer) Extreme Performance FPGAs. Northwest Logic has also verified x8 core operation when targeted at the LFSC80 device. These cores operate with significant timing margin in lower cost LatticeSC speed grades, so designers can be confident they can easily implement the cores to meet timing requirements in the most demanding of applications.

Lattice offers additional cost savings to PCI Express system designers beyond low cost speed grades. Built-in high-performance PLLs allow direct conversion of the 100 MHz spread spectrum clock (SSC) from the PCI Express connectors to a 250 MHz reference clock, while the system remains compliant with the total transmit jitter specifications of the PCI Express version 1.1 base specifications. Unlike current DLL-based FPGAs that require external jitter attenuation chips that drive up cost, Lattice delivers a single-chip PCI Express solution that eliminates the need for additional devices.

“The combination of Northwest Logic’s proven PCI Express IP core technology and the outstanding SERDES performance of LatticeSC FPGAs delivers a complete end-point solution to PCI Express system designers,” said Brian Daellenbach, president of Northwest Logic. “Lattice’s ispLEVER design tools, including the IPexpress(TM) tool for SERDES and PCS configuration, made porting very straightforward. The LatticeSC device performance, SERDES quality and easy-to-use tools deliver a compelling value proposition for our mutual customers. We look forward to working with Lattice customers to quickly move their PCI Express designs into production,” Daellenbach concluded.

“We see a significant shift towards PCI Express as the high-speed interface of choice for a broad spectrum of applications. This announcement underscores our commitment to PCI Express x1, x4 and x8 applications with superior device performance and world-class IP,” said Stan Kopec, Lattice corporate vice president of marketing. “We are pleased to work with Northwest Logic to offer a range of sophisticated solutions to customers needing high-speed PCI Express performance.”

About the Northwest Logic PCI Express Core
Northwest Logic provides a complete PCI Express Solution including IP Cores, Boards, Linux and Windows Drivers and GUI, enabling customers to quickly develop and validate a PCI Express design with minimal risk and cost. The cores include built-in DMA functionality, support for all available external PHYs, sophisticated status monitoring and a complete PCI Express verification suite. Northwest Logic’s PCI Express cores and boards have been PCI-SIG certified.

About LatticeSC Extreme Performance FPGAs
Announced in February 2006, LatticeSC Extreme Performance FPGAs deliver the highest performance and most robust feature set of any programmable logic product in the industry. The LatticeSC FPGA combines up to thirty-two 3.8 Gbps SERDES channels with an innovative Physical Coding Sublayer (PCS) to provide a breadth of support for interface protocols including PCI Express, Serial RapidIO, Ethernet, Fiber Channel, XAUI and SONET/SDH. Source synchronous I/O standards such as RapidIO, HyperTransport, SPI4.2, SFI-4, UTOPIA, XGMII and CSIX, and memory standards including SDR, DDR1, DDR2, QDR2 and RLDRAM are implemented with dedicated PURESPEED(TM) I/O logic that delivers up to 2 Gbps parallel I/O performance. The LatticeSC device also includes exclusive MACO(TM) (Masked Array for Cost Optimization) pre-engineered IP in structured ASIC blocks for low cost and low power system-level integration.

The LFSC25 in the 900fpBGA package is the first LatticeSC device available and is currently sampling. Projected pricing for the basic LFSC25 in the 900fpBGA package in quantities of 25,000 for shipment in 2007 is $49.

About Northwest Logic
Northwest Logic, located in Beaverton, Oregon, is a provider of high-performance, easy-to-use IP Cores. Northwest Logic specializes in PCI Cores including PCI Express, PCI-X and PCI and Memory Controller Cores including DDR2, DDR and SDR SDRAM. Northwest Logic also provides a comprehensive array of design services including FPGA, Board and Software services. Northwest Logic is a charter member of the Lattice LEADER design services program.

About Lattice Semiconductor
Lattice Semiconductor Corporation provides the industry’s broadest range of Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA) and Programmable Logic Devices (PLD), including Field Programmable System Chips (FPSC), Complex Programmable Logic Devices (CPLD), Programmable Mixed-Signal Products (ispPACâ) and Programmable Digital Interconnect Devices (ispGDXâ). Lattice also offers industry leading SERDES products. Lattice continues to deliver “More of the Best” to its customers with comprehensive solutions for system design, including an unequaled portfolio of high performance, non-volatile and low cost FPGAs. Lattice products are sold worldwide through an extensive network of independent sales representatives and distributors, primarily to OEM customers in communications, computing, industrial, consumer, automotive, medical and military end markets.

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