MQX RTOS, MetaWare Compilers, iSYSTEM Tools Offer Powerful Solution

MQX Embedded, a division of ARC International (LSE: ARK) that is focused on the software needs of embedded system developers, and iSYSTEM AG, a manufacturer of emulation and debugging tools, today announced that the iSYSTEM winIDEA software has been adapted to provide an integrated debugging solution for the development of advanced products based on off-the-shelf MQX RTOS (real-time operating system) and MetaWare compiler products.

Embedded systems engineers have long desired the ability to view their applications running with an RTOS via their In-Circuit Emulators (ICE.) To make this possible, iSYSTEM and MQX Embedded collaborated on a dramatically enhanced debugging capability for MQX RTOS-based applications. The newly optimized winIDEA software will help reduce application development time for customers using the MQX RTOS and MetaWare compiler products, thereby reducing time-to-market for the companies’ mutual customers.

The MQX RTOS is a popular, high performance, small footprint and royalty-free RTOS that supports most 32-bit processors including ARC, ARM, ColdFire and PowerPC. The MQX RTOS is designed to be easy to configure to balance code size with performance requirements; alternative settings can be selected, benchmarked and iterated to optimize cost and performance. The MetaWare(R) High C/C++ (TM) Compiler delivers compact, fast, efficient code with superior optimization on leading 32-bit architectures such as ARC, ARM, MIPS, PowerPC, VideoCore and XScale.

iSYSTEM’s winIDEA is a powerful Integrated Development Environment, consisting of a project manager, a 3rd party tools integrator, a multi-file source editor and a high-level source debugger. It works with all iSYSTEM’s development systems. winIDEA is easy to learn, increases productivity and speeds up the development cycle.

winIDEA now implements MQX RTOS v2.50 object browsing. It displays kernel parameters, synchronization, I/O, interrupts, tasks, MQX RTCS(TM) TCP/IP stack and more. winIDEA also displays the full context of any task while on stop mode: current execution point, stack position and contents, CPU registers, call stack, local variables and watches.

Joel Mattox, director of marketing of MQX Embedded, said, “By working with a leading provider of advanced debugging technology, customers utilizing iSYSTEMS products and the MQX RTOS and MetaWare compiler will benefit by realizing reduced development time and time-to-market.”

“This new, tightly integrated interface between our emulators, debuggers and the MQX RTOS will be welcomed by our mutual customers and new prospects alike,” said Helmut Kindermann, iSYSTEM’s CEO.

About MQX Embedded
MQX Embedded is a business of ARC International, focused on the software needs of embedded system developers for ARC-Based(TM) and non-ARC 32-bit microprocessor and DSP architectures. MQX Embedded offers state-of-the-art technology that includes the widely used MetaWare software development tools and the MQX RTOS, as well as networking and other software platforms. MQX Embedded’s technology has helped power thousands of products that are shipping to markets including the financial, construction, industrial, and semiconductor industries.

iSYSTEM AG is an international electronics company headquartered in the suburbs of Munich, Germany. Founded in 1986, the company develops and markets a broad range of development tools for embedded systems design and test. iSYSTEM in-circuit emulators and integrated development environment software help engineers create outstanding electronics delivered to the marketplace in less time. iSYSTEM products are used by tens of thousands of engineers in over forty countries worldwide. Outside of Germany, the products are sold and supported by distributors who are the embedded systems experts in their home markets. Affiliates iSYSTEM USA, iSYSTEM Ltd (UK), iSYSTEM Scandinavia and iSYSTEM Italy sell and support the company’s products in those regions, respectively. Providing engineering and manufacturing support is Asyst Electronic, another iSYSTEM affiliate.

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