RTG003 Ready-To-Go SDR Development System

Kane Computing has announced the release of another product in the Hunt Engineering’s range of Ready-to-Go-Systems, the RTG003 programmable, USB connected, Software Defined Radio Development System.

The RTG003 includes 1M gates Xilinx Virtex-II, plus two channels of 12bit 125Msps A/D and two channels of 14bit 125Msps D/A and a 16bit fixed point DSP with 32Mbytes SDRAM. It is ideal for use in building a digital radio system, but can be used for creating a custom communications system or for trying out new concepts and experimenting with solutions using an FPGA and DSP combination. As with all RTG systems the RTG003 is supplied complete with USB cable, I/O cables to interface to the peripherals, mains power supply unit plus a CD with all documentation, tutorials, software tools and examples for use as templates to help users begin their projects. All for the price of £3,695.

Ready-to-Go-Systems are completely programmable and ready for use out of the box. They can be used for the suggested application or in any way the user may choose. The kits are ideal for both FPGA/DSP beginners and experts alike, for rapid prototyping or entry level use.

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