Alcatel Travels to Holst Centre for Wireless Research

The Holst Centre today announces that Alcatel has joined its research program on wireless autonomous transducer solutions as a “Fellow Traveler” for a two-year period. With this partnership, Alcatel will be able to explore and evaluate potential market opportunities related to fixed access networks and residential multimedia applications based on research from the program on wireless sensor nodes.

The concept of Fellow Traveler partnerships is one of the collaboration opportunities within the wireless autonomous transducer solutions program, run by IMEC-Nederland at the Holst Centre. As such, the Holst Centre provides the partners with a platform where they can share market and technology trends, competitive analysis, standards and applications.

The Holst Centre regularly updates its research roadmaps based on the consolidation of the technical progress and knowledge of key industry challenges with the feedback from the different partners.

“Within our research programs we bring together all players in the value chain – from technology developers to service and infrastructure providers – at an early stage in the development process. By exchanging ideas and information between these different industrial segments, optimal solutions and new market opportunities can be created;” says Jo De Boeck, responsible for the wireless autonomous transducer solutions program line in the Holst Centre and CEO of IMEC-Nederland. “With Alcatel, our program is now strengthened with knowledge from a leading provider in communications solutions, a key element in the development of wireless sensor nodes.”

“A portion of Alcatel’s research effort is undertaken through collaboration with universities and research institutes. IMEC joined Alcatel’s Research Partnership Program in 2003 and as such, by joining the Holst Centre as a Fellow Traveler partner, we will have access to valuable information which will help us steer our research programs on next generation fixed access network infrastructures and residential multimedia applications based on opportunities created by sensor networks”, says Thierry Van Landegem, Chief Technology Officer of Alcatel in Belgium.

The Holst Centre aims at open innovative research targeting technical challenges related to wireless autonomous transducer solutions and systems-in-foil. The open innovation approach allows the program partners to generate a critical mass of research results in a cost-efficient way while facilitating the associated Intellectual Property sharing process.

About the Holst Centre
The Holst Centre was set up in 2005 with support from Economic Affairs of the Netherlands and the Flemish Government and is located on the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven. The center is the creation of IMEC (Flanders, Belgium) and TNO (The Netherlands) and will grow into an international recognized open R&D institute that develops generic technologies and technology platforms for autonomous wireless transducer solutions and systems-on-foil. The activities on wireless autonomous transducer solutions in the Holst Centre are run by IMEC-NL, the sister company of the Belgian research centre IMEC. Interaction and cooperation with both academia and industry, including small- and medium-sized enterprises, enables the Holst Centre to tune its scientific strategy to the long-term corporate strategies of its partners. A beneficial transfer of technology to the industry is guaranteed and market requirements can be anticipated.

About Alcatel
Alcatel provides communications solutions to telecommunication carriers, Internet service providers and enterprises for delivery of voice, data and video applications to their customers or employees. Alcatel brings its leading position in fixed and mobile broadband networks, applications and services, to help its partners and customers build a user-centric broadband world. With sales of EURO 13.1 billion and 58,000 employees in 2005, Alcatel operates in more than 130 countries.