NCT Upgrades Voice Recognition Enhancement Software

Cambridge company NCT have announced the release of the latest version of their ‘Voice Recognition Enhancement’ software (VRE). Speech recognition is widely used in telecoms products such as mobile phones and conferencing equipment and is increasingly being integrated into automotive telematic systems to enable voice instruction features. NCT have been at the forefront of developing this type of software during the past 10 years.

NCT’s VRE solution helps create more effective ‘speech recognition’ systems by ensuring that such systems receive the highest quality of voice signal. VRE consists of noise cancellation, echo cancellation and equalisation technology and is able to considerably reduce background noise, voice and echo and ensure that the voice signal is in the best possible shape to be deciphered by the speech recognition system.

“We are very proud of this technology,” said Gillian Davis, Managing Director. “The real challenge here, is being able to remove the noise and echo without causing distortion to the original voice signal. I’m sure our latest version of VRE will be attractive to anyone working to develop future speech recognition systems, especially in the automotive market where we have so much experience.”

For engineers wishing to learn more about this technology, NCT have created a whitepaper that can be downloaded.

NCT’s VRE product is one of a range of voice technology products that are used in millions of mobile phones and hands-free sets worldwide, as well as such diverse applications as motor racing radio systems and ‘drive thru’ take-away systems. For more details on NCT and their voice technology go online.