Mistral Unveils Curtiss Wright's GLX4000 Physical Layer Switch

Mistral Solutions Pvt. Ltd., a leading provider of complete technology solutions and professional services in the embedded space, announced the availability of the new GLX4000 series physical layer switch, the latest addition to Curtiss-Wright’s comprehensive family of LinkXchange products.

The GLX4000 is a non-blocking, crossbar switch that enables a wide variety of input signals to be connected to any of its 288 output ports and comes equipped with hot-swappable power supplies, fans and port cards. This network related product is aimed at providing a cost effective solution for connecting a set of high precision equipments to multiple systems that need to be monitored, tested or validated. They can find extensive use in a manufacturing line where different products manufactured can be tested for various parameters through switching them to measuring equipments connected through the GLX4000 switches. The target users could be electronic component manufacturers, electronic finished goods manufacturers, research & development laboratories with a centralised test and measurement facility connecting to various “systems or units under test”.

The GLX4000 provides network designers with extensive flexibility and power. It enables all devices to be connected “under test”, after which all topology changes or fault tests can be made through the GUI and CLI. Automating the wiring and configuration process can help eliminate human errors and greatly increase the accuracy of the network topology. Cost savings can also be realized as the GLX4000 supports the sharing of expensive resources such as analyzers, sniffers or data recorders. These resources can be connected to the switch and shared among all users and departments.

The system chassis can accommodate up to six hot-swappable 48-port interface blades configured to support SFP or Firewire (1394B) at speeds up to 4.25 Gb/s and can also be configured to accept direct Firewire connections at rates of upto 1600 Mb/s.
Software support for the switch includes Curtiss-Wright’s LXplorer GUI software for switch configuration management and allows the user to monitor the health of the switch chassis and port cards. Additional software support includes the GLX4000 LINUX operating system, controlling firmware, and nonvolatile port configuration data, all of which reside on the module.

About Curtiss Wright
Curtiss-Wright Controls Embedded Computing is a leading global supplier of embedded boards and integrated electronics subsystems for diverse markets and applications including Defense & Aerospace, Medical Imaging, and Industrial Process Control. They serve the embedded industry with an unmatched array of innovative technology and solutions. Their rugged and commercial-grade products, advanced system integration services and lifecycle services programs enable customers to focus on their core competencies to ensure their success.

About Mistral Solutions
Mistral Solutions is a professionally managed technology house undertaking Systems Integration and providing Value added Services. It provides specialized hardware and software solutions in the Embedded domain, as well as Professional Services in Systems Design and Development, Real-Time Applications, and Communications.

By virtue of its core technical expertise, Mistral has valued alliances with leading global companies and it markets scalable computer platforms from Motorola Embedded Communications Computing (previously Force Computers), RTOS and IDE tools from Wind River Systems Inc., telecommunications solutions from NMS Communications, commercial & rugged grade COTS computing solutions from Curtiss Wright (Dy4 Systems, VISTA Controls, Synergy Microsystems, Systran, Peritek, Prima Graphics), board level computers for Industrial Applications from MEN Mikro Electronik, Single Board Computers for VMEbus and CompactPCI from Microsys, high-availability Network Service-Ready Platform (NSRP) solutions from Continuous Computing Corporation, standard and custom products for commercial, military, high-tech, medical, telecom, and research markets from Dawn VME, I/O modules from General Standards Corporation, modified COTS products for military, aerospace, and avionics applications from Targa Systems, Software Defined Radio solutions from Pentland Systems and high quality storage solutions from DNF Storage.