Mercury Debuts LNXexec for Creating Real-Time Multicomputer Applications

Mercury Computer Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: MRCY) announced LNXexec, a Linux(R) programming and network environment for Mercury embedded computing solutions. LNXexec provides the full features of Linux with a rich set of application programming interfaces (APIs) for developing real-time multicomputer applications.

Introduced as part of the Mercury MCOE (Multicomputer Operating Environment) Release 6.4.0, LNXexec enables customers to migrate to the open systems environments, such as Open Architecture Computing Environment (OACE) and X-Midas, that are demanded by today’s users.

“Linux(R) is rapidly becoming the programming and networking environment of choice for the embedded, high-performance computing market,” said Brian Hoerl, Vice President of Worldwide Sales for Mercury’s Defense business. “Mercury’s LNXexec marks a significant milestone in our progressive offering of fully optimized and open solutions that deliver unparalleled performance for a customer’s existing investment.”

LNXexec Open Standards-Based Software Platform

LNXexec can be installed on top of the MCOE 6.4.0 software distribution, preserving existing Mercury investments and enabling any applications written to Mercury’s multicomputer middleware APIs to migrate easily to Linux. Systems can be deployed with any combination of LNXexec or MCexec, Mercury’s traditional POSIX-compatible operating system, on the system compute nodes. This “dual kernel” LNXexec/MCexec offering runs on a RACE++(R) Series configuration with a Motorola MVME5110 single board computer that provides VxWorks(R) runtime capabilities. Both cross-development and native development are supported.

LNXexec offers the following benefits:

  • Integration – LNXexec facilitates the easy integration of standards-based software.
  • Investment maximization – current Mercury customers can preserve their software investment in the Mercury MCOE middleware.
  • Performance – LNXexec is a Linux kernel (2.6.12) with an embedded distribution customized for a Mercury PowerPC(R) compute node, supporting both Mercury’s multicomputer middleware and standard Linux network features. For critical real-time processing, MCOE with LNXexec provides performance equal to or better than MCexec.
  • Full services – Mercury provides standard support for unmodified baseline VxWorks, MCexec, LNXexec, system management, board diagnostics, and development host integrated development environments (IDEs) and tool chains. Professional services are available for customers who need to modify the source code or base software/system configuration, such as modifying the Linux kernel, implementing different tool chains, and developing and porting industry-specific applications.

LNXexec is separately priced and packaged, and is available with Mercury’s standard license and bundle options. It can be purchased as an upgrade or as a new LNXexec and MCexec development environment. For more information on LNXexec or the MCOE, go online or contact Mercury at (866) 627-6951.

About Mercury Computer Systems, Inc.
Mercury Computer Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: MRCY) is the leading provider of high-performance embedded, real-time digital signal and image processing solutions. Mercury’s solutions play a critical role in a wide range of applications, transforming sensor data to information for analysis and interpretation. In military reconnaissance and surveillance platforms the Company’s systems process real-time radar, sonar, and signals intelligence data. Mercury’s systems are also used in state-of-the-art medical diagnostic imaging devices including MRI, PET, and digital X-ray, and in semiconductor imaging applications including photomask generation and wafer inspection. Mercury provides advanced 3D image processing and visualization software and optimized systems to diverse end markets including life sciences, geosciences, and simulation. The Company also provides radio frequency (RF) products for enhanced communications capabilities in military and commercial applications. Based in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, Mercury serves customers in North America, Europe and Asia through its direct sales force and a network of subsidiaries and distributors.