ArchPro Design Automation Raises $4.5 Million

ArchPro Design Automation has raised $4.5 million in Series B funding from Intel Capital, Entrepia Ventures, and Sage Technology Ventures LLC. Total venture capital investment in ArchPro to date is $5.5 million. ArchPro is a leader in the development of EDA products for solving power management design challenges in IC/SoC designs at 90nm and below.

ArchPro is rapidly moving from product development to widescale customer deployment of its EDA tools for multi-voltage simulation, rule checking, and synthesis that all run in concert with industry-standard design flows, according to ArchPro CEO and chairman, Pratap Reddy. “This funding allows us to aggressively expand our sales and marketing efforts while continuing the development of breakthrough products for low-power design,” Reddy said.

Within the past six months ArchPro has launched its first three products and expanded its R&D operations in San Jose and Bangalore. The company also maintains a sales and customer support office in Tokyo.

ArchPro will be a first-time exhibitor at DAC this July, Booth 2014.

About ArchPro
ArchPro provides EDA products to meet low-power and multi-voltage design challenges facing 90/65nm SoC designers. Having launched many of the world’s first EDA products for power-managed, multi-voltage, low-power design environments that allow for design simulation, verification and implementation prior to silicon spins, ArchPro is paving the way toward reducing cost, risk, and time to market for chip designers. Products support all major complementary IC / SoC design technologies. Privately held ArchPro is based in San Jose, Calif.