Atmel, Adeneo Debut Microsoft-Certified Windows CE BSP for AT91SAM9261

Atmel(R) Corporation (Nasdaq: ATML), a global leader in the development and fabrication of advanced semiconductor solutions, and Adeneo, a leading software engineering center for real-time embedded developments, announced today the release of the official Windows CE(R) BSP for Atmel’s newest ARM(R)-based microcontroller, the AT91SAM9261. This BSP, fully compliant with Atmel’s AT91SAM9261-EK development board, is available for Windows CE 5.0, the latest version of the Microsoft(R) embedded operating system. It has been certified by Microsoft, indicating that the AT91SAM9261 officially supports Windows CE.

Jacko Wilbrink, Atmel’s Product Marketing Manager for ARM microcontrollers, commented, “With the AT91SAM9261, Atmel has released a powerful solution for high-end consumer products. Combined with Adeneo’s Windows CE 5.0 BSP, it gives customers the advantage of an industry-leading OS, enabling them to develop rich-featured products in the best time-to-market.”

“Adeneo, thanks to its status of ‘Microsoft Gold Level Partner’ on Windows(R) Embedded, and with 200 engineers in hardware and software design, brings the best warranty of reliable and competitive Windows CE solutions. With this BSP, released to support Atmel’s latest ARM-based microcontroller, Adeneo and Atmel confirm three years of close partnership around ARM solutions,” said Olivier Pequet, Adeneo’s General Director.

“As a result of its Microsoft certification, our BSP is now on the official list of BSPs supported by Microsoft. Having the BSP included on this list is the best assurance of quality and reliability for OEMs looking for a powerful solution to build their Windows CE-based product,” said Yannick Chamming’s, Windows Embedded MVP, and Manager of Windows CE activities at Adeneo.

PQOAL compliance for the easiest adaptation to custom designs – Because of its compliance with Microsoft PQOAL (Production-Quality OEM Adaptation Layer) and new PQD (Production Quality Device) specifications, this BSP is the most cost-effective way to develop custom solutions on the AT91SAM9261 under Windows CE with the minimal redesign. Only the portion of the BSP handling board features needs to be reviewed and redesigned and all code linked to the AT91SAM9261 can be reused without modifications.

Fully-featured to cover all customer applications – The BSP includes all the drivers for the peripherals integrated in AT91SAM9261. This allows targeting of all types of custom solutions. The BSP covers MMI features (display, keyboard, mouse, touch screen, audio, etc.), communications (serial, Ethernet, USB, SPI, 2-wire, etc.) and storage (NAND and NOR Flash, SDCard, etc.).

Strong reliability to warrant the best quality – The AT91SAM9261 BSP has been qualified using the CETK (Windows CE official test kit), and has been designed to take full advantage of the advanced features of the AT91SAM9261 such as Multi-Layer AHB, Peripheral DMA Controller, Advanced Interrupt Controller, etc.

Microsoft certification obtained – The AT91SAM9261 BSP has passed all Microsoft certification tests. Consequently, Microsoft recognizes the AT91SAM9261 as officially supporting Windows CE.This award is a quality assurance for an OEM thinking of using Windows CE with the AT91SAM9261. The BSP is listed on the Microsoft website.

About Atmel
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About Adeneo
Adeneo is a leading design center in complete hardware and software custom design. Adeneo offers services in hardware and software engineering especially in industrial environments, with a strong emphasis on embedded and/or real-time developments. With eight years of experience in Windows CE, and thanks to its partnerships with Atmel and Microsoft, Adeneo is the key partner for complete hardware and software designs targeting rich-featured high end products.

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