Mobile Gaming Now Pilots Mobile Fraud Detection System

MGN Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB: MGNLF), doing business as Mobile Gaming Now (the “Company”), has announced its participation in a pilot mobile gaming product using a new mobile fraud detection system created by iovation, an online authentication and fraud management company. The Company will be demonstrating the hand-held anti fraud solution at the Global Interactive Gaming Summit & Expo in iovation’s booth #239 in Montreal, Quebec on May 17-18, 2006.

MGN Technologies was part of the external development team working with iovation and will be the first customer to use the mobile fraud detection system. MGN has Internet casino games including multiplayer Texas Hold’em that integrates play on the PC and mobile devices.

iovation provides fraud detection services to many of the top Internet gaming sites. iovation’s ieSnare(TM) fraud management system uses device reputation intelligence technology to combine device-fingerprinting with a database matching system that links devices to online accounts, thereby allowing merchants to identify and flag repeat offenders. iovation provides a repository of device reputations that can be shared among subscribers. iovation has now extended the ieSnare system to mobile devices.

“Security is a primary issue for us as we launch our mobile games,” said Mark Jensen, CEO of Mobile Gaming Now. “When we searched for a mobile fraud detection system we couldn’t find it. iovation offered us the opportunity to participate in a pilot project that would produce an extended ieSnare system for mobile devices.”

Mobile Gaming Now plans to use the fraud detection system as it launches its Play-For-Prizes game at “iovation provides fraud protection for many of the top Internet gaming sites already. It has a proven track record online. We’re very pleased to be working with iovation as it enters the mobile space,” Jensen said.

About iovation
iovation is the device reputation authority for secure online business. The company provides proven strong authentication and anti-fraud solutions that allow businesses to protect customers, reduce fraud and meet compliance requirements online. The solution links physical devices (PCs) and online accounts and can facilitate the sharing of device reputations among subscribers. In production environments for more than four years, iovation currently manages the reputation of millions of devices, and protects more than 100 million transactions for customers every year.

About Mobile Gaming Now
Mobile Gaming Now is a gaming software developer and marketer focusing on the casino gaming market. With offices in Kirkland, Washington and Vancouver, British Columbia the Company operates its own gaming sites as well as licenses its gaming platform to strategic partners. Players can play for free, play for prizes, or play for money. The Company developed the first multiplayer Texas Hold’em game for free or money with integrated PC and mobile game play.