EzHomeTech Rolls Out IPTV3.0 SDK for IPTV Products

EzHomeTech today announces IPTV3.0 SDK for emerging Internet digaital market. IPTV3.0 SDK is a MPEG4/H.264 Linux-based software solution that supports video on demand, multicast, and internet access with Ezserver2.0. This helps you to speed up the development time of your products, to reduce the risk of investment and not to need to hire middleware / firmware engineers. This also let your engineers focus to develop more applications and integration on your IPTV products.

Software feature:

  • Select your favorite videos from Web-Based Menu from Ezserver via Ethernet
  • Play / Pause / Stop / Backward Seek / Forward Seek Videos
  • Easy to control STB by a remote controller
  • Better quick response time

IPTV Client S/W Specification:

  • Operating System: uCLinux
  • Middleware : EzHomeTech SSP
  • EzHomeTech Embedded Browser
  • EzHomeTech VOD Player
  • EzHomeTech Multicasting Player
  • Video Format: MPEG2 / MPEG4 AVC/H.264 MP@L4.1 D1 streaming resolution up to 4Mb/s
  • Video Control: Play, Pause, Stop, Backward Seek, Forward Seek
  • TV Channel Selection : up, down
  • Remote update: Update the firmware via Ethernet
  • The waiting time of starting video : below 3 seconds
  • The buffer time of plugging Ethernet line out : maximum 6 seconds
  • OSD Indicator : Pause, Seek Time, Volume
  • Language: English
  • Network Configuration Setup : Static IP / DHCP
  • Server URL Setup : IP / Domain format
  • Display Output: NTSC/PAL Composite Video Out/ S-Video/VGA
  • Audio Output: Composite Audio Out
  • Volume Control: UP and Down
  • Color: 16 bpp

What is included in IPTV3.0 SDK

  1. EzHomeTech SSP3.0 and embedded browser4.1
    • Embedded graphical library
    • Embedded Media Streaming library
    • Embedded Multi-Thread library
    • Embedded browser 4.1 library
    • VOD player
    • Multicasting player
    • JPEG library
    • PNG Library
    • IR library
    • SSP Include files
  2. Document
    • Readme.txt
    • SSP3.0 Programming Guide ready to print in PDF-format
    • SSP3.0 API Reference Guide ready to print in PDF-format
    • Javascript_objs Guideline ready to print in PDF-format
    • HTML_tags Guideline ready to print in PDF-format
    • Howto Change MAC Address of Hardware board
    • Hardware_board_download_image.htm
  3. Runtime
    • IPTV3.0 Runtime Environment
  4. SSP Samples
    • The source code of twenty-one samples running on SSP3.0
  5. SSP Drivers
    • The source code of Remote Controller drive
    • The source code of Font driver sample

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Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C.