VMETRO, AdvancedIO to Develop 10GbE Data Recording Systems

AdvancedIO Systems, Inc. and VMETRO, Inc. have announced an agreement to jointly develop and commercialize 10GbE data recording, playback and analysis systems. Suited for digital signal analysis applications such as ELINT, COMINT, SIGINT, SAR, MTI, SDR as well as medical scanners and industrial inspection systems, these 10GbE recorder systems will utilize AdvancedIO’s 10GbE PMC/XMC family of packet processing modules and VMETRO’s Vortex Open Recorder platforms. This arrangement allows VMETRO to offer the embedded computing market innovative recording, playback and analysis solutions integrating the expertise of each company’s technology.

“By integrating AdvancedIO’s cutting-edge 10GbE technology on our carrier boards and in our systems, we believe we will be able to offer unprecedented solutions to our customers,” said Tom Bohman, VP Business Development for VMETRO. “AdvancedIO’s ability to process ultra high-speed data complements our solutions exceptionally, increasing our overall offering and also allowing us to pursue new and emerging applications in a growing market.”

The products within VMETRO’s Vortex family of real-time high performance data recorders for analog and digital applications share a common design philosophy that allows mixing and matching of IO, recording engines, storage, and analysis to meet a vast array of program requirements. The Vortex family includes an open architecture with custom IO and targeted (pre-programmed for common IO) recording and playback products for standard buses including VME, CompactPCI and PC. Vortex recorders have a storage system that takes advantage of power, flexibility, and scalability of a Fibre Channel based Storage Area Network (SAN). VORTEX also includes SAN Access Kit workstation connectivity that allows direct high-speed access to the digital data from almost any commercially available processing platform.

AdvancedIO 10GbE configurable IO products offer outstanding connectivity and packet processing performance in conjunction with application flexibility. The architecture provides the optimal platform for implementing advanced Layer 2 and Layer 3 packet switching solutions at 10Gbps line speed.

“This collaboration agreement with VMETRO, an established market leader in real-time data recorder systems, validates AdvancedIO’s 10GbE value proposition for the embedded market,” said Mohammad Darwish, CEO of AdvancedIO. “We are committed to supporting VMETRO in the pursuit of opportunities by leveraging our respective technologies and VMETRO’s well established sales and marketing channels.”

VMETRO provides integrators of high-end embedded computer systems with products and services, from development through deployment, with the highest levels of performance, innovation and reliability. The products are based mostly on open standards like VXS, PCI Express, VME, PCI and CompactPCI. Founded in 1986 in Oslo, Norway, VMETRO is the world’s largest manufacturer of bus analyzers for standard buses such as VME, PCI and PCI Express. VMETRO also offers an extensive line of high-performance signal processing solutions, real-time data recorders, PMC I/O controllers and modules for real-time data processing, acquisition and networking.
VMETRO has been traded on the Oslo Stock Exchange (Ticker: VME) since 1997.

About AdvancedIO Systems, Inc.
AdvancedIO is the market leader in configurable 10GbE connectivity and packet processing solutions for the embedded computing market. AdvancedIO’s product family provides outstanding packet processing performance in conjunction with application flexibility, a feature that is lacking in fixed-functionality NICs. Furthermore, the products enhance overall system performance beyond what current NPU-based systems can achieve, which makes it ideal for emerging high-performance military/aerospace and telecom applications. AdvancedIO is a privately held company established in 2004 and is located in Vancouver, Canada. We pride ourselves on our ability to work with customers and partners to create value on a win-win basis.