SwitchCore Develops Xpeedium3 Switch Chip with Virtutech Simics

Virtutech, Inc., the leading provider of simulation-based solutions for software development and test, announced that SwitchCore, a developer of integrated switching devices for Internet and data communications, has selected Simics for use in software development and testing of its next-generation Xpeedium3 switch chip before silicon availability. Simics allows software development to proceed concurrently with the design of the integrated circuits, thus accelerating time-to-market.

In an effort to accelerate the time-to-market for its next-generation switch chips, SwitchCore needed to provide a solid software simulation environment – before silicon availability – to enable development of software drivers and management packages to run in parallel with the development of the silicon. By selecting Virtutech Simics, SwitchCore not only eliminates the risks involved with developing the simulator in-house, but enables its developers to scale simulation to multiple-chip and multiple-CPU configurations on a single desktop. Simics provides a revolutionary platform to enable easy connection and simulated traffic generators, as well as the ability to be connected to the real network through network interface cards (NICs). SwitchCore’s customers will also leverage the simulation model to test and evaluate SwitchCore’s chips for their own products.

“We are very happy to partner with Virtutech for our simulator,” said Peter Ygberg, vice president of SwitchCore product management. “Simics will not only accelerate our own development, it will also enable us to share our full software and our functional model with our early access customers.”

“The selection of Simics to support the advancement of leading data switching technology underscores the benefits of full-system simulation,” said John Lambert, president and CEO of Virtutech. “This key customer win serves as further proof of the value of Simics’ deterministic capability in the development process.”

About SwitchCore
SwitchCore AB develops, markets and sells integrated network devices for data, voice and video communication based on the Ethernet standard. The core of SwitchCore’s expertise is in its CXE technology, which allows for significantly higher network product capacity. Using SwitchCore’s components, customers can develop network products that cost-efficiently manage and prioritize data, video and voice traffic for many demanding applications. Independent market analysts rank SwitchCore as the world’s third largest supplier on the Gigabit Ethernet switching device market. Customers and partners are network equipment manufacturers and suppliers, including Intel, Allied Telesyn, Huawei/3Com, Alloptic, Corecess, Dasan, Radisys and World Wide Packets. The Group presently has 60 employees. SwitchCore’s headquarters is in Lund, Sweden. The Company also has offices in San Jose, USA, as well as Singapore and Shanghai in Asia and in Rotterdam, Europe. The Company is listed on Stockholm Stock Exchange’s O List under the SCOR ticker.

About Virtutech
Virtutech, Inc. is the leading provider of full-system simulation for advanced software development. Virtutech’s Simics is a revolutionary, award-winning simulator that provides a programmer-friendly environment for testing and debugging embedded software. Simics eliminates software developers’ dependence on test hardware and drives concurrent development, enabling its customers to lower capital expenditure, accelerate time to market and reduce project risk. Based on more than a decade of R&D and close collaboration with leading universities and systems vendors, Virtutech’s technology serves the needs of the world’s leading technology providers, including Cisco, EMC, Ericsson, Honeywell, IBM and Sun Microsystems. Virtutech is headquartered in San Jose, Calif.