Denali Launches Spectra Flash File System for Embedded Systems

Denali Software today announced its first embedded software product offering known as the Spectra(TM) flash file system. Spectra provides embedded system developers with a fully featured flash file system that delivers optimal performance from any commercially available NAND or NOR flash device. Spectra enables system developers to rapidly deploy high-quality flash memory systems for a wide variety of applications, ranging from handsets to network routers running multi-threaded applications.

“Spectra appears unique in its ability to support both NAND and NOR-based systems,” says Jim Handy, Flash Market Analyst at Semico Research. “Such an approach frees system developers to choose from a wider range of options, and to adapt their designs to changes in market conditions or advantages provided by one technology or the other.”

Used alone or with Denali’s Databahn(TM) memory controller product for NAND and NOR flash memory, Spectra provides unmatched performance and reliability with low risk and minimal development costs. This flash controller is the latest in the Databahn family of memory controller intellectual property (IP), and completes Denali’s Flash controller offerings which now support all flash technologies including One-NAND devices.

All Databahn products are supported by a proven IP configuration infrastructure that includes integration with a database of memory device models for functional verification, performance analysis and optimal use of device specific features, functions and timing.

“Flash memory has become a requirement for almost all applications, and companies are expending tremendous resources to meet the performance and quality requirements for their product designs,” remarks Robert Pierce, Denali’s Senior Director of Flash Products. “Our goal with Spectra is to provide a complete system solution that reduces time to market, and provides the flexibility to address application specific performance for Flash memory systems.”

The Spectra flash file system was specifically designed to provide embedded system developers with a fully featured solution for both NAND or NOR memories. Key features of the Spectra flash file system and Databahn flash controller include:

  • Support for all commercial NAND and NOR flash devices
  • Support for both SLC and MLC, selectable fast ECC algorithms
  • Concurrent use of multiple volumes
  • XIP, Full POSIX file system
  • Multi-threaded from RTOS/OS to flash device interface
  • Dynamic creation/deletion of files and directories
  • Wear-leveling for prolonged device operation
  • Boot support
  • Options for Garbage collection, File Fragmentation, Bad Block detect/recover

Product deliverables include:

  • ANSI C source code and Verilog register transfer level (RTL) code
  • Scripts for synthesis and static timing analysis
  • SystemRDL (Register Description Language) code for programmable registers
  • Multiple protection scheme options
  • Complete verification environment, including vendor-specific flash device models, assertion libraries, and protocol monitors

For more information about Spectra and other flash products from Denali, view the webcast briefing online.

About Databahn IP Products
Licensed for use in more than 170 chip designs, Databahn is the industry’s leading memory controller IP solution. Databahn IP cores offer configurability and programmability to deliver optimal performance from DRAM and Flash memory for a wide range of end applications.

To ensure compatibility with all the latest high-speed memory technologies, the Databahn IP configuration process is tightly integrated with Denali’s database of vendor-specific memory component specifications, including all the latest SDRAM, DDR1, DDR2, and Mobile-DDR DRAM devices, and NAND, NOR and OneNAND flash devices. Databahn is silicon proven in more 65 chips, spanning 18 process nodes.

About Denali Software
Denali Software Inc. is the world’s leading provider of Electronic Design Automation (EDA) and Intellectual Property (IP) products for design and verification of semiconductor chip interfaces. Its Databahn(TM) IP products provide control and optimal system performance for external DRAM and Flash memory devices. PureSpec(TM) and MMAV(TM) verification IP products support all standard interfaces, including DRAM, Flash, PCI Express, ASI, AMBA, USB, Ethernet, Serial ATA, and CE-ATA. Denali’s Blueprint product provides complete solution for on-chip register design and management.

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