Quantum3D to Create GeoScapeSE Europe COTS Database

Quantum3D(R), Inc., a leading provider of open architecture, realtime 3D visual computing solutions for the Visual and Sensor Simulation and Training (VSST) and Embedded Visual Computing (EVC) markets, announced today at the ITEC 2006 Conference that the Company is now developing a Europe-wide geospecific database for deployment with Quantum3D Independence(R) IG Solutions. The GeoScapeSE(TM) Europe database is the newest member of GeoScapeSE, Quantum3D’s library of precision, Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) synthetic environment databases for commercial and military aviation simulation and training applications.

GeoScapeSE Europe leverages the GeoScapeSE library’s unique, open architecture approach to meeting customer needs, by providing a geospecific, high resolution imagery backdrop that may then be tailored by Quantum3D customers by adding their own legacy or newly-developed detailed Areas of Interest (AOIs) including civilian and military airfields and training areas using a simple, incremental database update procedure. GeoScapeSE Europe customers can, for the first time ever, realize the benefits of having a high-performance, high-fidelity, low-cost Europe-wide database to which they can add program-specific value, while retaining ownership and control.

GeoScapeSE Europe Release 1.0 Contents
GeoScapeSE Europe features a gaming area of over 1,300 square degrees (1,358 geocells) and will cover essentially all of Europe and some adjacent land masses. Based on ImageLinks(TM) 15 Meter Global Data Set mosaic photo imagery from Harris(R) Corporation, the new GeoScapeSE Europe database represents the highest resolution, highest fidelity COTS geospecific solution available today.

GeoScapeSE Europe also includes a Quantum3D developed AOI of Kranebitten International Airport (INN/LOW) in Innsbruck, Austria using 1 and 5 meter geospecific imagery and 2D/3D models of the airport environment designed to meet JAA/FAA Level D certification. The INN/LOWI AOI, along with other AOIs developed by Quantum3D at customer request, employs imagery that is fully color balanced, orthorectified, and feathered between the base and AOIs to provide seamless transitions between resolutions during training operations.

GeoScapeSE Europe also includes a collection of ten (10) popular military or civilian Quantum3D Facets(R) COTS Realtime 3D Models that are optimized for 60 Hz operation, which enables Independence IG customers to accelerate their integration efforts and save on program costs. Additional AOIs and Facets models are available by customer request.

“Customer feedback on our GeoScapeSE approach that enables training system providers to add their own AOIs or contract with Quantum3D to do so has been extremely positive, since it eliminates the proprietary lock on databases that has haunted the vis-sim market forever,” said Ross Q. Smith, Quantum3D president and co-founder. “With GeoScapeSE Europe, we believe that our training system integration customers and their end-users will greatly benefit from this open-architecture approach to saving time and cost, while still delivering the highest fidelity and performance in the industry.”

Unique Open Architecture DBGS Methodology
As with all GeoScapeSE databases, GeoScapeSE Europe employs a unique, tiled architecture that enables incremental updates of subset areas of the database without having to recompile the entire database. This capability enables rapid database updates for mission rehearsal applications while simultaneously facilitating customer tailoring of the database to meet program-specific needs in a completely open-architecture environment. This time and cost saving feature enables GeoScapeSE customers as well as Quantum3D to readily add, modify or delete AOIs– including FAA/JAA Level D airports, military airfields and training areas – without affecting the surrounding terrain.

Developed using Quantum3D’s CatalystSE(TM) Database Generation System and Celerity(TM) synthetic environment database publisher, GeoScapeSE Europe is optimized for 60 Hz operation on Independence IG Solutions. GeoScapeSE Europe also features Quantum3D’s value-added Scene Transition Artifact Reduction Technology (START), which minimizes Level of Detail transition artifacts by Z-morphing the underlying terrain and texture smoothly in realtime. Together, these optimizations result in a unique combination of unparalleled fidelity and assured 60 Hz performance for maximum training value. Quantum3D will be demonstrating select databases from the GeoScapeSE library on Independence IG solutions at ITEC 2006 in the Quantum3D stand (#214) and in the BARCO stand (#240).

Pricing and Availability
Release 1.0 of the GeoScapeSE Europe OTW database features an international MSRP of $17,500 USD when purchased with an Independence IG Solution. GeoScapeSE Europe OTW is supported on Independence IG Solutions equipped with NVIDIA(R) QuadroFX(R) 4000 or later graphics subsystems, including IDX 2000, IDX 2500 and IDX 2500 TI IGs. Additional Quantum3D-provided customer-specific AOIs and/or Facets models are priced separately based on customer requirements—consult Quantum3D for details. Delivery for GeoScapeSE Europe is 90 days ARO.

About Quantum3D
Quantum3D develops and markets COTS realtime, open-architecture IG solutions, embedded visual computing systems and subsystems, development software and support services for the VSST and EVC markets and is a value-added supplier of NVIDIA(R) graphics technology for the embedded military and aerospace visual computing market. Quantum3D is a privately held company headquartered in San Jose, California, with development centers located in Phoenix, AZ, Huntsville, AL, and Orlando, FL and with sales and logistics in Europe via Quantum3D Ltd., located in Reading, UK.

Quantum3D, Facets and Independence are registered trademarks and GeoScapeSE, CatalystSE, and Celerity are trademarks of Quantum3D, Inc.