Light Blue, Forth Dimension to Present Paper on Miniature Projection

Light Blue Optics and Forth Dimension Displays (ForthDD(TM)) are presenting a paper on Light Blue Optics’ PVPro(TM) miniature projection technology at the 44th Annual Society for Information Display (SID) 2006 Symposium, which takes place June 4-9 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California. The event is the premier international gathering of scientists, engineers, manufacturers, and users in the field of electronic-information displays.

The paper, entitled ‘Real-Time Diffractive Video Projector Employs Ferroelectric LCOS SLM’, discusses the unique diffractive approach developed by Light Blue Optics and how this makes use of the unique properties of ForthDD’s fast switching liquid crystal microdisplays. Daniel Krueerke, principal liquid crystal engineer at Forth Dimension Displays, will present the paper on Friday June 9 at 10.40am as part of the Symposium’s Mobile Projection Session in Room 130/131.

The SXGA liquid crystal on silicon (LCOS) display manufactured by ForthDD has a high frame rate, excellent contrast and high fill
factor, making it well-suited for use in PVPro-based projectors. Originally developed for the rapidly-growing rear projection television (RPTV) market, the displays are expected to achieve even higher volumes in the form of PVPro, as projection capabilities become more widely available in electronics devices.

Light Blue Optics’ laser-powered PVPro technology will in future allow miniature projection modules to be incorporated into a range of products, from cellphones and personal video players to laptops and other consumer electronics products. In addition, pocket-sized projectors can be created as accessories to the same devices, or used as the basis for displays in cars and aircraft.

Nic Lawrence, CEO of Light Blue Optics, commented, “Light Blue Optics has worked closely with Forth Dimension Displays over a long period of time, and has been impressed both by their innovative technology and by their comprehensive support and flexibility as a development partner.”

Leslie Polgar, CEO of Forth Dimension Displays, added, “Forth Dimension Displays has been delighted to support Light Blue Optics through its early stages of product development and company growth. We believe that their PVPro technology will create a significant new market for both Light Blue Optics and ForthDD. We look forward to a long and profitable relationship with them.”

Light Blue Optics and Forth Dimension Displays both have demonstration suites at the Marriott Hotel in San Francisco, located close to SID. Forth Dimension Displays will also be on booth 1420 in the main exhibition area of the conference.

About Light Blue Optics
Light Blue Optics Ltd. is a dynamic, privately-owned, Cambridge (UK) -based company, which has developed PVPro(TM) technology for miniature projectors. The company’s ground-breaking laser projection technology will power a new generation of pocket-sized digital video projectors, which are smaller, more power-efficient and more robust than ever before.

About Forth Dimension Displays
Forth Dimension Displays (“ForthDD”) of Dalgety Bay, Scotland, develops, manufactures and supplies the world’s most advanced microdisplays using a proprietary, fast-switching liquid crystal technology. The technology delivers all digital, Time Domain Imaging (TDITM) on a single chip. It uses no RGB subpixels, tilting mirrors or separate RGB light paths. ForthDD holds 70 patents covering the technology. Investors include Amadeus Capital Partners and Doughty Hanson Technology Ventures.