Ikivo Animator Mobile SVG Authoring Tool Integrates with NetBeans

Ikivo AB, the leading provider of SVG software solutions for mobile devices today announces the availability of mobile SVG authoring for the Java(TM) Platform Micro Edition (Java ME) software developer community.

Ikivo has integrated the leading Mobile SVG authoring tool, Ikivo Animator, into NetBeans(TM), the leading IDE for Java platform development.

“We are excited to be bringing the SVG and Java communities together,” says Magnus Zetterberg VP Sales & Marketing, Ikivo. “With JSR 226, Java ME now has SVG support which creates tremendous new possibilities for content on mobile handsets. By combining Animator with NetBeans(TM) and enabling Java ME devices with SVG content, the addressable market will grow dramatically beyond the 100 million mobile SVG devices shipped to date.”

“SVG, along with the advent of Mobile Service Architecture (JSR 248), opens up new opportunities for developers creating mobile content,” notes Eric Chu, Sr. Director, Mobile and Embedded Product Marketing, Sun Microsystems. “With excellent tools integration between Ikivo and NetBeans, developers can more quickly utilize the animations and scalable UI properties of SVG with the robust feature set of Java ME, and we can anticipate many new rich media applications for handsets.”

Ikivo is a NetBeans(TM) Partner. To see an example of an integrated workflow that enables Animator and NetBeans developers to create new and compelling SVG and Java content for mobile devices, please stop by Sun Microsystem’s “Extending Java ME through Web Standards” Pod at JavaOne.

About Ikivo AB
Ikivo based in Stockholm, Sweden is the leading developer of software solutions for Mobile SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics). These solutions address the needs of mobile device manufacturers, mobile operators and content creators, empowering them to create and enable rich, compelling media services for mass-market mobile phones. Core products include the Ikivo SVG Player, an open standard, compliant technology that allows phone manufacturers to enable their devices for Mobile SVG, and Ikivo Animator, a professional content creation tool that integrates into any design workflow to animate static SVG content for mobile phones. Ikivo is an active participant in the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), instrumental in driving industry standards and shaping the future of mobile graphics.