NoviiRemote for Nokia Smartphones Controls Over 700 Devices

NoviiMedia, software developers for mobile devices, has reached a breakthrough with their NoviiRemote for Nokia smartphones by creating a major update to the previous version of the application.

With it, NoviiRemote for Nokia smartphones will provide a convenient means of controlling more then 700 home entertainment devices right from your Nokia smartphone.

NoviiRemote solution turns Nokia smartphones into a universal remote control. Each user of Nokia 3230, 3650, 3660, 6260, 6600 and 7650 will be able to operate TVs, DVDs, VCRs, cable and satellite boxes, etc. right from his smart device.

A universal remote control application should contain a great deal of codebases in order to operate all of the home entertainment devices. Most applications have a limited number of infra-red codebases.

This version of NoviiRemote solution provides a user with access to over 700 codes, and the number of them is growing! The codebases are downloaded from NoviiMedia’s web-site storage right to the smartphone using a GPRS connection. A phone user doesn’t need to upload the entire archive of them. Following a very convenient wizard, only the components you need are selected for you.

This provides a convenient means of controlling home entertainment devices right from your Nokia smartphone. And now less phone memory is required.

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NoviiRemote for Nokia Smartphones is available for purchase from NoviiMedia’s website for $14.99

About NoviiMedia
Headquartered in San Francisco, NoviiMedia is engaged in the development of several lines of products for handheld computers. The firm’s primary focus is the creation of software for using handheld computers and smartphones as remote controls in the home. NoviiMedia is currently the only developer of remote control software that offers compatible applications for handheld and smartphone platforms such as Palm, Windows Mobile and Symbian. NoviiMedia is committed to delivering high quality solutions to the growing number of handheld owners who use their devices for fun and entertainment.