XYALIS Creates GTstyle for Dummies Filling at 65nm and Below

Advanced processes, starting at 65nm and below, require very specific and complex design rules for dummy fills. These new rules cannot be handled by current tools and are necessary for CMP yields improvement and Stress effect management.

XYALIS is the first company to offer a new tool to address these new challenges and still offers a very high processing speed to handle the largest designs.

This new tool, GTstyle, has been developed with major semiconductors manufacturers to solve their dummy fill problems for advanced technologies.

GTstyle provides a number of unique functionality’s like “density variation analysis” and “roughness analysis” which are mandatory to achieve better yields with copper/STI CMP:

  • Density is commonly used by tools like DRC but is not enough for advanced process, GTstyle use this parameter but also control the density variation and gives the user the capability to manage it across the entire wafer.
  • Roughness analysis is a new parameter which use topological information to complement the density analysis. GTstyle make use of this additional information to adjust the target density and its variation based on known CMP process effects but without the need of a simulation model. This new capability make it possible to manage and insert dummies with results very close to that of a model based solution.

GTstyle results are strictly compliant with DRM and do not require any process model to run. Additionally, using the robust and fast dummy fill engine from its existing dummies insertion tools, XYALIS has been able to add these new features without compromising reliability and efficiency.

GTstyle unique architecture is also able to handle dummy fill at the reticle level for scribe lines.

XYALIS is the only company to offer the broadest product line for dummy fill ranging from pure rule base tools (GTtiler) to model based solution (GTsmooth).

Pricing and Availability
GTstyle is available today on 32bits Linux, and 32/64bits Solaris and HP-UX platforms. GTstyle price starts at $59.000 per year.

About Xyalis
XYALIS is a privately held company, founded in 1998, and located in Grenoble, France. XYALIS is a leading specialist in Design For Manufacturing and Layout Finishing software.