AS/SIST for PCB-based High-Speed Digital Designs

What-If Design Software LLC announces the release of AS/SIST, a new low-cost signal integrity modeling and simulation software system for PCB-based high-speed digital designs.

The software, which has been validated in practice against >2.5Gb/s differential serial data rate paths and 15ps rise time systems, is used to eliminate problems such as reflections, cross talk, and lossy MTL effects in designs ranging from basic single-board layouts to differential signal, system level multi-board layouts.

AS/SIST contains a fast SPICE engine with specialized RLGC models, 2D+ Field Solver, IBIS-to-SPICE converter, Schematic Capture, Pulse Train Generator, Eye Diagram Analysis, Waveform Analyzer and other functions to simulate and evaluate different PCB layouts, IC drivers and receivers, connector configurations and tolerance centering choices by performing intelligent what-if variations of the design.

Comprehensive documentation is included with the software.

AS/SIST is priced at $695 for a single license and is available for free evaluation.