IPFlex, Sobal Ship FFT Development Kit for DAPDNA-2

IPFlex Inc. and Sobal Corporation are pleased to announce that they have started to ship FFT Development Kit for DAPDNA-2, co-developed by the two companies. The FFT/IFFT library in the kit was developed by Sobal.

Sobal has also joined IPFlex’s DAPDNA* Partner Program. Sobal, with its expertise in the wireless communication and digital consumer fields where FFT/IFFT calculations are used frequently, plans to support customers developing DAPDNA-powered products FFT Development Kit is expected to farther enhance the development environment for DAPDNA-2 and shortens time-to-market for DAPDNA-based systems.

Sobal is a software and hardware R&D specialist with a strong track record in wireless technology and digital consumer product development. In the wireless field, Sobal has been engaged in many R&D activities. These activities include: an R&D on a short-range wireless technology that is essential for ubiquitous computing; system solutions utilizing RFID systems; next-generation communications technology using visible frequencies, and so on. Sobal combines software expertise with an advanced R&D capabilities on antennas. Sobal’s unique value is recognized within the wireless industry where the lack of expertise in combining antenna technology and software technology constituted an obstacle to wireless system introduction. By joining the DAPDNA Partner Program, Sobal expects to further boost growth in wireless applications by developing boards and customer systems using the DAPDNA-2** dynamically reconfigurable processor (DRP)***.

The FFT development kit is the first product that the two companies have co-developed since Sobal joined the DAPDNA Partner Program. Using the kit, users can extract unprecedented performance such as high processing performance, flexibility, and scalability out of DAPDNA-2 easily, leading to a fast time-to-market. The two companies plan to provide product development and design contracting services to aid users develop systems that take advantage of the performance of DAPDNA processors.

About the FFT Development Kit
The kit includes libraries necessary for dynamically switching between 16 bit Fast Fourier Transforms (FFTs) and inverse FFTs (IFFTs). Optimal DNA configurations, tuned for processing speed, are provided. User-specific algorithms can be run on the DAPDNA-EB4 evaluation board, which has DAPDNA-2 processor, also included in the kit. Components of the FFT development kit include:

  • DAPDNA-FW II Integrated Development Environment Includes one-year license
  • FFT/IFFT libraries 256 points and 1024 points of radix-4 (Functional blocks developed by Sobal)
  • DAPDNA-EB4 Evaluation Board Include PCI driver and reference program
  • DAPDNA-DBU Debug box
  • FFT/IFFT program user manual, etc.

For more information on the kit, please go online

About the DAPDNA Dynamically Reconfigurable Processor
DAPDNA dynamically reconfigurable processor can change its hardware configuration to provide the optimal circuitry for an application on demand. This configuration change can take place not only when the system is designed, but also during operation, dynamically, in a single clock cycle****, to meet the instantaneous change in needs of applications implemented by the system.

About the DAPDNA Partner Program
IPFlex started the partner program in March, 2005, and 15 partners now serve customers in Japan and North America. The goal of the DAPDNA Partner program is for IPFlex and program members to offer unprecedented value to customers in various application areas by leveraging DAPDNA architecture. IPFlex and its DAPDNA partners combine their strengths to deliver optimal solutions to customers for their application development needs.

About Sobal Corp.
Established in 1983, Tokyo-based Sobal has a proven record in a diverse range of fields, from wireless technology research to hardware and software development. Sobal is engaged in system development, including the development of embedded and peripheral software for consumer electronics related to image and video processing, such as digital cameras, digital video equipment, printers, scanners, and copiers, as well as LSI design. Such development has earned Sobal a high degree of reliance from manufacturers in Japan and overseas. Recently, Sobal has also been involved with key technologies for the “ubiquitous society,” through such means as research on next-generation wireless technology and development of products and solutions, notably RFID systems.

About IPFlex, Inc.
IPFlex Inc. is a fabless semiconductor company founded in March 2000. IPFlex supplies high performance, multifunctional processors that are dynamically reconfigurable. IPFlex also provides development environment software, evaluation boards, and peripheral interface products for these processors. With its DAPDNA Dynamically Reconfigurable Processor and DAPDNA Integrated Development Environment, based on the Software to Silicon (R) concept, IPFlex provides tools to shorten development cycles, increase product functionality, and swiftly support application modification.

* DAPDNA: Digital Application Processor based on Distributed Network Architecture.
** DAPDNA-2: Product name of a dynamically reconfigurable processor from IPFlex.
*** Dynamically Reconfigurable Processor: A processor capable of changing chip circuitry dynamically.
**** a single clock cycle: One clock switching operation is possible by creating configuration information beforehand and storing in the background configuration banks.

IPFlex, DAPDNA, and Software-to-Silicon are registered trademarks of IPFlex in Japan.