AskMeNow to Challenge Google, Yahoo in Mobile Search

AskMeNow (OTCBB: OWHC), a wholly owned subsidiary of Ocean West Holding Corporation, today announced the proposed acquisition of IntelliGate Ltd., an Israeli corporation with patent-pending highly accurate information retrieval and natural language search technology.

As a result of the proposed acquisition, AskMeNow will offer the first search technology to automate true natural language information retrieval and provide mobile phone users worldwide with specific and accurate results—without links—when asking questions. AskMeNow’s technology will provide greater access to the vast amount of information on the Internet across multiple languages. In the Company’s opinion this technology will surpass the current mobile search offerings of Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) Yahoo! (NASDAQ: YHOO) and others.

“With the acquisition of what we believe is the industry’s most sophisticated and accurate natural language search technology, AskMeNow will fundamentally change the way we access the immense amount of information online through mobile phones,” said AskMeNow CEO Darryl Cohen. “By integrating the IntelliGate technology, AskMeNow is expected to enjoy a competitive advantage by offering the mobile industry the only true natural language interface through a completely automated platform. The result is a globally scalable mobile information and search platform.”

Until now, most content providers could only access limited to basic information from structured databases on the Internet. These databases do not recognize natural language queries. The integration of IntelliGate’s patented software, will allow AskMeNow to extract specific and relevant answers from structured databases on the Internet. As a result, mobile users everywhere will be able to receive answers easily and rapidly to virtually any question in their own words, a quantum breakthrough in search that none of the major search engines currently provide.

“AskMeNow will make it easy to receive real answers from the Internet for the first time without navigating the arcane language of databases,” said IntelliGate founder, Ofer Lavi. “Mobile users will no longer be restricted to memorizing search phrases or complicated menus or having to navigate through slow WAP browser connections to access information on-the-go. Instead, you can ask even the most complicated questions in your own words to receive the exact information you want.”

Continued Cohen, “The proposed acquisition of IntelliGate is an exciting moment in AskMeNow’s development. With the completion of our first carrier partnership, our ability to scale with no significant increase in personnel or costs ensures our potential as a major player in mobile search technology. Ask ‘What city will host the next Olympic Games?’ and receive an instantaneous answer with no links. AskMeNow anticipates generating significant revenue by partnering with carriers to offer this automated functionality, as well as providing a solution for enterprise customers that enables the easiest access for a mobile user to their content.”

AskMeNow anticipates closing the acquisition within 45 days and launching the technology worldwide within the year across several languages. In the future, the Company also plans to offer a natural language desktop search solution, eliminating the need to search through countless links to find relevant answers.

AskMeNow is a mobile lifestyle service that answers virtually any question you have–anywhere, anytime–on your mobile phone or mobile device such as a Blackberry(TM). Questions are asked via e-mail or a simple phone call, and answers are received immediately via e-mail or text message. AskMeNow allows any mobile user to tend to other tasks and avoid the headaches of Internet search engines and long-wait times from mobile operators to get all the information you need on-the-go.

For more information on IntelliGate, go online. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. IntelliGate is being represented by Goldhar Corporate Finance Ltd. in Israel and AskMeNow by VC Arjent Ltd. in New York on this transaction.

About AskMeNow
AskMeNow, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ocean West Holding Corporation, is the easiest, most convenient way to access information on the Internet or from local content from your cell phone or mobile PDA device. The first mobile lifestyle network, AskMeNow utilizes its proprietary technology to offer a natural language based interaction and dynamic content provision platform designed for simply and quick information retrieval. The Company generates revenue through per usage fee and one-to-one contextual mobile advertising sponsorships. AskMeNow launched officially in November 2005. The Company is based in Irvine, CA.