Adeneo Releases Windows CE 5.0 BSP for Phytec's Phycore PXA270 Module

Adeneo, a French Gold level partner of Microsoft on Windows Embedded technology has just released the official Windows CE 5.0 BSP for Phytec’s Phycore PXA270 module.

Powerful platform for complex high end designs
Phycore PXA270 module is a small rich featured module based on XScale PXA270 SoC. Integrating additional features like Ethernet, CAN and Audio/Touchscreen codec, this module offers all the features required by powerful devices requiring performances for strong multimedia and high bandwidth communication applications.

Thanks to the BSP provided by Adeneo, this platform allows building complete Windows CE based design in a very short term.

Complete solution for optimized cost
Integrating drivers for all standard interfaces available on the module, this BSP enables application developers to port their Windows CE-based software onto custom Phycore based designs with minimal development effort and risk.

Strong reliability
Compliant with Microsoft PQOAL specifications, and validated trough CETK testing kit, the BSP brings strong reliability to custom designs for industrial or critical OEM devices.

Incremental licensing model
A free evaluation version of the BSP is available upon requests. Binary and Source code versions can be purchased from ADENEO, without per unit royalties (see contact information below for more informations).

Complete system integration offer available by Adeneo
Thanks to its complete competences, both in hardware and software designs, Adeneo can design custom host boards for Phycore modules, and adapt or enhance the BSP to the specific requirements of the client. Furthermore, as a Windows CE-certified training partner, Adeneo also provides training courses based on Microsoft official courses.

“Adeneo’s status as a gold level partner of Microsoft on Windows Embedded is for our customers the best warranty of reliable and competitive Windows CE solutions. Thanks to our global offer (200 hardware and software engineers) and to our partnership with Phytec, we can offer the most cost and time-to-market optimized solutions including both hardware and software design,” said Olivier Pequet, Adeneo’s CEO.

“With 20 years of experience PHYTEC has built a solid reputation as a manufacturer of controller boards and development kits. PHYTEC is also recognized for the quality of its products and its services. We have partnered with Adeneo to offer our customers a wider variety of Windows CE solutions and to bring together our complementary know-how of hardware and software,” said Damien Barrier, Commercial Director of PHYTEC France.

About Adeneo
Adeneo is a leading design centre in complete hardware and software custom design. Adeneo offers services in hardware and software engineering especially in industrial environments, with a strong emphasis on embedded and/or real-time developments With 8 years of experience in Windows CE, and thanks to its gold level partnerships with Microsoft and many Silicon Vendors and Board manufacturers, Adeneo is the key partner for complete hardware and software designs targeting rich-featured high end products.

About Phytec
In 20 years of operations PHYTEC has earned a reputation for high quality design and production of OEM-able Single Board Computer (SBCs) subassemblies and Rapid Development Kits that accelerate microcontroller-based embedded developments. As of 2006, the PHYTEC Technologie Holding AG has grown to more than 80 employees, of which over 40% are engineers. In addition to our off-the-shelf SBC modules and kits, PHYTEC offers newly-expanded Integrated Supported Services to assist in implementing our Single Board Computer subassemblies into OEM target applications. With two decades of experience in design and assembly, our in-house design and production enables us to offer cost-effective customized production runs for all lot sizes, including smaller quantities.

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