NCT Develops Off-the-Shelf Hardware Module for Clear Speech

Cambridge voice technology company, NCT, has released an off-the-shelf hardware solution for engineers looking to remove noise and echo from communication systems. The ClearSpeech Module is a convenient and easy to use solution for customers wishing to integrate NCT’s advanced noise reduction and echo cancellation technology into their own embedded applications. Suitable applications will include wireless systems, intercom systems, voice over IP and voice recording. This ready to use hardware comes complete with a version of NCT’s ClearSpeech software installed.

NCT ClearSpeech Module

The ClearSpeech Module is a fixed point dual channel platform based on the ADSP2186 DSP and AD1819 codec. It can be used for a wide range of applications including two way speech communication systems. Supplied with in-line connectors and mounting holes, the Module can be readily attached to the customer’s platform. It can be used at a basic level, supplied only with a regulated 5v power supply and line level audio inputs and outputs. However, engineers also have access to i/o that will trigger LEDs or can set various software parameters should a more dynamic and intelligent system be required.

NCT’s ClearSpeech voice technology is used in millions of mobile phones and hands-free car kits around the world and is used in the demanding environment of motor racing and even within ‘drive thru’ intercom systems. Three standard versions of ClearSpeech are available and can be chosen according to the application, offering combinations of noise cancellation, echo cancellation and signal conditioning according to the demands of the project.

The 3 Eproms that engineers can choose from are:

  1. Noise and Echo Cancellation for cellular and Internet telephony, conference phone and intercom applications.
  2. Referenced Noise Filter and Noise Cancellation for siren or alarm cancellation, surveillance and voice control of audio systems.
  3. Noise Cancellation, a 5 stage band pass filter and an Intelligent Squelch Filter for radio communication systems.

A PDF DataSheet is available to download

For sales information contact or telephone 01954 205 502

About NCT
Trading since 1990, Noise Cancellation Technologies (Europe) Ltd, NCT, is a world leader in the development of technologies for the removal of noise and echo from communication systems such as mobile phones, radio systems, intercoms, hands-free kits and voice recognition systems. By developing advanced software algorithms that run on DSP’s (digital signal processors) and CPU’s, NCT has enabled some of the world’s top manufacturers to deliver high quality voice-based communication systems. NCT now has sales offices in the UK, the US and Japan.

Noise Cancellation Technologies (Europe) Ltd, is a wholly owned subsidiary of NCT Group, Inc. NCT Group, Inc. (NCTI) is a publicly-traded, high-tech company with a strong technology base. NCTI is rich in intellectual property with 578 patents and related rights.

ClearSpeech(R) is a registered trademark owned by NCT Group, Inc.