ITAC Board Selects Chipworks President Julia Elvidge

Chipworks the industry leader in reverse engineering and analysis of semiconductor chips and electronic systems, today announced that its president, Julia Elvidge has accepted a position on the board of directors of the Information Technology Association of Canada (ITAC).

“Building an effective corporate board is a fine art,” said Bernard Courtois, president and CEO of ITAC. “Smart organizations are always on the look out for strong leaders who can bring a fresh perspective and new approaches to problem solving. Julia is a great addition to ITAC’s board and I’m looking forward to working with her.”

“It’s an honour to join our country’s information technology leaders,” says Julia Elvidge. “I look forward to playing an active role in ITAC and addressing the issues that affect our industry and its future growth.”

Julia Elvidge has more than twenty years experience in the advanced technology sector including technical and marketing roles in companies such as LSI Logic and MOSAID Technologies. She joined Chipworks in 1994, and was instrumental in growing the Company from a one person consulting firm to over 95 full time dedicated professionals. She has held key positions in the Company, including of director of competitive analysis, IT and R&D and vice president of sales and marketing. In 2003 she was appointed president of Chipworks.

ITAC is the voice of the Canadian information and communications technologies (ICT) industry. Its network of companies accounts for more than 70 per cent of the 570,000 jobs, $136 billion in revenue, $5.2 billion in R&D investment, $20.7 billion in exports and $11.5 billion in capital expenditures that the industry contributes annually to the Canadian economy.

About Chipworks
Chipworks is an internationally recognized technical services company that analyzes the circuitry and physical composition of semiconductors and electronic systems. Our services include a wide range of applications in patent licensing support and competitive study. For over 13 years, Chipworks has successfully helped semiconductor and electronics organizations achieve their goals by supporting research and development efforts in strategic product development and patent portfolio management. Headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, the Company has offices around the world.