Spy for Data with DVS Spycer Video Content Management System

In summer 2006, DVS again guarantees to attract industry attention by introducing its new application, Spycer(TM). Postproduction business will benefit from this new content management system (CMS), which provides a solution for dealing with large amounts of video data and its accompanying metadata. Spycer(TM) provides editors, colorists and directors with a wide range of browsing, search and management tools.

Spycer video content management system

Sustaining highest data rates and handling huge amounts of data on a centralized storage are part of the day-to-day operation in many post houses. To help maximize efficiency in such workflows Spycer(TM) offers users more transparency. The application assists by managing, searching and viewing content and metadata, and also by browsing directories within the context of the current project. SpycerTM has been designed as an open platform that supports existing structures as well as DVS products.

The software’s name Spycer(TM), is a pun which hints at its function. The application spys out the data required, finding it, if necessary, on hundreds of terabytes of storage, without any manual search.

Another benefit of Spycer(TM) is that the software requires no centralized storage to carry out network based browsing or efficient clip searching on the net. DVS makes this possible with a scalable content management network, the SpycerNet, on which several Spycer(TM) applications run together. The results are improved transparency in the customer’s network. Post houses will be able to find their material effortlessly by searching for their metadata, rearrange and edit it as necessary.

The software is an integral part of the DVS products CLIPSTER(R), Pronto2K.2, ProntoHD.2 and DVS-SAN. Nevertheless, the stand-alone application runs on commercial computers as well without requiring any DVS hardware. Moreover, the software meets the demands of the DVS-SAN by providing an overview of fragmented image sequences and in addition enabling high-speed copying processes.

Konstantin Schinas, product manager at DVS: “Spycer will make its debut at NAB 2006. This intelligent software extracts metadata automatically and makes it available for the powerful search function which will be a huge asset for film and postproduction companies.”

DVS with headquarters in Hanover, Germany and Los Angeles, USA has achieved sustained success in 2005: CLIPSTER(R) won the prestigious Digital Cinematography Award. In addition to its cooperation with Hollywood film studios DVS teamed up with companies such as The Mill, Midnight Transfer, Sony, Kodak and Bang & Olufsen.