Programmierbare Logic Offers Debug Tool for XScale Embedded Processor

pls Programmierbare Logic & Systeme, a leading supplier of sophisticated debug tools for ARM7 and ARM9 processor derivates from various manufacturers, offers now a development environment for the XScale embedded processors.

The intuitive, configurable user interface of the UDE 1.13 supports the engineers with unrestricted C/C++-Support, a powerful symbolic browser, configurable toolbars, comprehensive context menus, as well as the capability to automate application specific windows with standard script languages and HTML.

debug tool for PXA255 and PXA27x embedded processor

Additionally multiple PXA255 and PXA27x specific features are implemented into UDE 1.13. The communication between debugger and target processor is realised via the JTAG Interface and a specific debug handler, which runs in the mini instruction cache of the XScale processors. The intelligent memory management ensures the proper function even of applications which changes dynamically exception vectors. Another advantage: Breakpoints – one for code and one for data – which are supported by hardware functions integrated into the PXA255 and PXA27x processors can be used easily and comfortable via the debuggers user interface optimized for that purpose.

The combination with the Universal Access Device (UAD) allows the realisation of a high speed JTAG communication with download rates of more than 1Mbyte/sec. This enables features like fast flash programming, simulated I/O, Linux kernel debugging, and short turn around times for the XScale processors in the design phase.

pls Programmierbare Logik & Systeme
The pls Programierbare Logik & Systeme GmbH located in Lauta, Germany, was founded in 1990 by Thomas Bauch and Stefan Weiße. The company is among the worldwide leading suppliers of software debugging solutions and complete development tools for the 16 and 32-bit microcontroller family from Infineon technologies, STMicroelectronics, and ARM. The revolutionary software architecture of the Universal Debug Engine (UDE) is optimized for debugging of modern SoC based Systems. The hardware family Universal Access Device (UAD) opens up a fully new dimension in data download speeds with transfer rates of up to 3.5Mbyte/s.