Foresight Systems Launches New Site for Support

Foresight Systems, a proven leader in high-level modeling and simulation for distributed and embedded systems, has announced the launch of a web site designed to encourage dialogs between systems engineers involved in planning and validation of software/hardware architectures for complex projects. Current or potential Foresight users can use dialog blogs. Systems engineers, such as those in the defense and communications industries, are encouraged to visit the site and forward suggestions for possible projects, problems, modeling scenarios, etc., for which they are seeking solutions, and thus begin constructive dialogs.

About Foresight Systems
Foresight Systems is dedicated to contributing to the quality and effectiveness of technology by delivering products and services that help systems professionals and manufacturers select the best overall systems design early in the process. The company offers technology to help contribute to national defense and security, health and safety, and to excellence in computer and telecommunications systems. They deliver their services around Foresight Systems Design Toolset and Methodology. Foresight’s target markets include: defense, aerospace, semiconductor, medical, automotive, electronics, civil-engineering technology, transportation, and support of academic technology and collaborative research. Their customers–including Lockheed Martin, Motorola, Lucent, Raytheon, Boeing, CERN, Bofors, JPL, and TRW–have used Foresight on systems ranging in size from a network of satellites to complex system-on-a-chip designs.

About the Foresight Toolset
FORESIGHT is a proven toolset for modeling and validating complex distributed systems architectures, such as those for command and control, communications, real-time systems, and avionics. One might describe it as a “systems of systems” framework for capturing your overall systems concept(s) and validating your best design candidate BEFORE you commit resources to implementation. FORESIGHT HAS STIMULATED INTEREST RELATED TO PROJECTS IN NETWORK-CENTRIC WARFARE AND DEFENSE. And it is a tool of choice for certain aspects of architectural validation for the Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS) and Software Defined Radio (SDR).