WiMAX World Europe Conference Focuses on Early Deployment Experiences

Trendsmedia has announced that the 3 day conference program for WiMAX World Europe Conference and Expo has been finalized. WiMAX World Europe Conference and Expo will take place May 22-24, 2006 in Vienna, Austria at the Austria Center Vienna. The conference program, which is the largest WiMAX event ever held in Europe, will focus on operators and service providers’ experiences with early WiMAX deployments.

This year, the highly anticipated WiMAX technology has become a reality, with already over 150 service providers around the world starting to build networks based on fully standard WiMAX equipment. WiMAX is creating a new competitive force in mature telecoms markets and is accelerating broadband availability in underserved areas. By mid 2006 we should see the first products and trials based on the second mobile WiMAX standard, 802.16e, which has even greater potential.

WiMAX World Europe offers a comprehensive three day program, including over 80 speakers. Ranging from Service Providers, incumbent operators to technology manufacturers who are the fore-front of the WiMAX revolution, as well as the world’s leading independent analysts. This exciting program aims to unveil the reality about WiMAX business cases, technology trends, deployments, hotzones, municipal broadband applications and spectrum regulation.

The WiMAX World Europe conference program include over 20 services providers who will share their WiMAX experience for the benefit of the future end-users. In addition, key manufacturers and equipment providers will also participate in various open panel debates containing details on recent developments and up and coming applications that will contribute in transforming the next generation of mobile broadband.

The depth of information provides an invaluable one-stop shop for the media to meet with operators, service providers and vendors seeking knowledgeable viewpoints on this exciting technology. Some of the keynotes and presenters include:

  • Wolfgang Weber, CTO – Swisscom Mobile
  • Daniel Coombes, Senior VP Wireless Broadband Networks & CTO – Networks Motorola
  • Caroline Gabriel, Co-chair, Research Director – Rethink Research
  • Berge Ayvazian, Co-chair, Chief Strategy Officer – Yankee Group
  • Dov Bar-Gera, Chairman – WiMAX Telecom Austria
  • Hung Song, VP Global Marketing – Samsung
  • Dr. Mo Shakouri, Board Director – WiMAX Forum
  • Dr. Klaus-D. Kohrt, Sr. VP – Siemens, Vice Chair, UMTS Forum
  • Roberto Ercole, Spectrum Projects Manager – GSM Association

Among the service providers speaking include Alernet.com.ua, BT, Cityspace, Clearwire, Cornet Armenia, Energoinvest, BiH, Enertel, Enforta, Ertach, Euskatel, Faroese Telecom, Federal Ministry of Transport, ICT Turku Ltd, IPTEL/STELT, Macedonia Connects, Maxtel, MICRO-LINK, Ozone Paris, Sotcom, Swisscom Mobile, Synterra, Telabria, Telecom Italia, The Cloud, WiMAX Telecom AG, and others.

The WiMAX World Europe Expo also features over 40 exhibitors, which is the largest exposition of WiMAX manufacturer’s, system integrators and other wireless and mobile broadband solution providers ever held in Europe.

The official corporate host is Motorola. The official endorsing association is the WiMAX Forum. WiMAX World Europe is also endorsed by ETSI, Cetecom, TIA, Wi-Fi Alliance and BWA.

Other major speakers, sponsors and exhibitors include Alcatel, Alvarion, Aperto Networks, BelAir Networks, Ceragon, CW Lab, Ericsson AB, GSMA, IEEE, Innovation and Technology-Austria Regulator, National Communications Authority- Hungary, Navini, NextNet, Nortel, PicoChip, Proxim, Qualcomm, Redline Communications, Samsung, Sequans, Siemens, TeleCis, Wavesat, and WiMAX Forum.

Premiere Analysts include Rethink Research and Yankee Group. The Research Sponsor is ABI Research.

For more information on the WiMAX World Europe Conference & Exposition, visit the conference website.

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