Hunt Engineering Launches RTG004 Programmable Virtex-II Pro System

Hunt Engineering has released another system in its new range of Ready-to-Go systems. The new product is called RTG004.

The RTG004 is a programmable USB connected Virtex-II Pro system. It includes a Xilinx Virtex-II Pro with embedded PowerPC, 30 user configurable digital I/Os and 256Mbytes DDR SDRAM. It is an ideal system for users to develop and deploy a system with a mix of C programmable processor and FPGA gates, particularly those who have not tried this before. It can be used for a huge range of applications including acquiring, processing and storing data, implementing a control system or a digital I/O system.

The system is supplied complete with USB cable, I/O cables to interface to the peripherals, mains Power Supply Unit plus a CD with all documentation, tutorials, software tools and examples for use as templates to help users begin their projects. Examples include a tutorial to show how to use the development tools and interface the FPGA with the embedded PowerPC processor. This complete system is priced at £1850.

Ready-to-Go systems are completely programmable and ready for use out of the box. They can be used for the suggested application or in any way the user may choose. The kits are ideal for both FPGA/DSP beginners and experts alike, for rapid prototyping or entry level use.

Visit Hunt Engineering for more info.