Embedded Toolsmiths Introduces JTAGFLASHpro Flash Programmer

Embedded Toolsmiths today announced the JTAGFLASHpro Flash programmer/Bring-Up Tool. JTAGFLASHpro is a stand-alone device for high-speed FLASH memory/device programming via the JTAG interface. It combines the hardware from Toolsmith’s Guardian-SE family of high-speed JTAG Emulators with dedicated software, resulting in a JTAG device that can be used to program flash memory at very high speeds.

The new programmer can be used to program most types of external Flash memory, on CPUs that include the latest ARM, XScale, MIPS 32 and PowerPC devices. Host access is via Ethernet interface, and configurable program sequences for target system initialization can be set. Programming can be via 8, 16, 32 and 64 bit programming modes. It is also possible to calculate a check sum and to verify the image after programming.

The unit supports Windows and LINUX based user interface for easy operation. The new GUI makes complex and repetitive operations a snap.

The Guardian-SE JTAG ICE can also be used to erase, program and verify FLASH from the command line and provides the ability to automatically detect the type of flash device present in your system.

With the addition of JTAGFLASHPro, Embedded Toolsmiths’ powerful, cost-effective JTAG Tools now allow users to erase, program, ID, and verify FLASH devices, faster than ever before.

The JTAGFLASHPro provides many powerful on-chip debug capabilities including the following:

  • Low cost solutions for board bring-up and test, boot loader debug
  • Support for Linux and Windows host platforms
  • One system supports all processors, no firmware changes required
  • Can be used with GDB, DDD, Insight, Eclipse and other open-source tools for cost-effective debug
  • Hot-plug into a crashed or running system without disturbing the user’s target status
  • Can automatically identify supported processors and flash memory devices
  • Crash-proof debug of popular kernels/operating systems, including embedded Linux kernel debug
  • High speed downloads, FLASH programming and single-stepping using powerful JTAG technology
  • Data Book view of on-chip registers allow fast, easy target configuration
  • MMU and cache displays let user view and change target state on-the-fly
  • A powerful GUI that allows users to arrange data on screen according to personal preferences

Turnkey flash operations for popular manufacturers including Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD), Intel, Atmel, Spansion LLC, Fujitsu Microelectronics America, Inc., Micron Technologies Inc., NEC Electronics Corporation, Sharp Electronics Corporation, Toshiba Corporation, STMicroelectronics, and Silicon Storage Technology, Inc.

The following phases of embedded debug and development are supported by Embedded Toolsmiths’ high-speed JTAGFLASHPro:

  • Board and Hardware Bring-Up: Reset, step and run the target. Set and view target registers, MMU and cache Test RAM (DDR or SRAM), program FLASH and peek and poke devices using scripts and macros.
  • Boot Loader, Firmware and Software Debug: Reset, step and run the target. Set hardware and software breakpoints in RAM- and FLASH-based code. View source code, assembly code and data variables. Debug popular Boot Loaders like U-Boot, Redboot and others.
  • Manufacturing Test: Test RAM (DDR or SRAM), I/O devices, program FLASH and peek and poke devices with scripts and macros. Create custom buttons and attach commands for popular tests. Erase, program and verify multiple images to multiple FLASH devices and FLASH device types.

JTAGFLASHPro is available now.

About Embedded Toolsmiths
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