ZMD Rolls Out Next Generation ZMD44102 RF Transceiver IC for ZigBee

ZMD, a global supplier of high-precision sensor and wireless semiconductor solutions, has announced the immediate availability of the second-generation ZMD44102 RF transceiver integrated circuit and starter kits.

The device, starter kits, and customer applications are being showcased at this week’s Embedded Systems Conference Silicon Valley.

Compliant to the IEEE 802.15.4 standard, the ZMD44102 is the industry’s only commercially available sub-1GHz transceiver designed for ZigBee(TM) technology and applications. The device operates in both the license-free North American band of 902MHz to 928MHz and in the European band of 868MHz to 870MHz. It features superior range performance of over 250 meters at 0dBm output power and has ultra-low-power modes of operation, including a network maintenance power mode of less than 3uA.

The long range and barrier penetration characteristics of the transceiver ensure robust data transmissions up to 40kbps. A high-level of integration is achieved by the inclusion of a thin-hardware media access controller (MAC) at the physical layer of the radio, which reduces the number of external components and lowers installed system costs.

“Customers are demanding robust solutions for their wireless sensor networks,” said Thilo von Selchow, CEO of ZMD AG. “Our wireless and sensor IC products deliver the performance and precision expected in the home, in the car, at work, or at play.”

Kory Brown, vice president of ZMD’s wireless division, added, “The extended range and low-power operation of the ZMD44102 boost in-building performance, enables portability, and reduces installation and operating costs. Choosing ZMD not only ensures an excellent transceiver, but our customers gain access to supporting tools, software and modules developed internally and with our marketing partners. Combined with our sensor IC product family, ZMD makes a one-stop solution possible and early time to market achievable.”

The ZMD44102′s target applications include wireless sensor networks, industrial controls, smart digital home and building automation systems, health monitor networks, hazardous sensor monitors, and automatic meter reading.

ZMD44102SKB Starter Kit Bundle
The ZMD44102SKB includes the hardware, software and documentation necessary for designers to do a detailed product evaluation and begin applications development. The three-node bundle contains a graphical user interface and configuration tool that demonstrates the performance of the ZMD44102, controls its registers and establishes basic networking. ZMD’s TSic(TM) temperature sensor, delivered with accurate, absolute calibration, is included and provides an immediate wireless sensor solution. The bundle also includes a development tool CD and debug adaptor for code compiling and downloading. A basic-edition Daintree sensor network analyzer allows the designer to capture and evaluate IEEE 802.15.4 frame packets.

Packaging, Price, Availability
Packaged in a lead-free QFN-48, the ZMD44102 RF transceiver is available now at a unit price of $2.97 in quantities of 100,000 devices. The ZMD44102SKB starter kit bundle is offered at a price of $399. A low cost, two-node starter kit without the sensor network analyzer and programming tools is available for $199.

The URL for the ZMD44102 RF transceiver and starter kit bundle is

About ZMD
Founded in 1961, ZMD AG specializes in the expert design, production, and marketing of mixed-signal application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) and application-specific standard products (ASSPs) for automotive, industrial, and medical applications. Focused on high-precision signal conditioning and high-performance wireless communication, ZMD ensures an integrated foundation for robust sensor networks. With corporate headquarters in Dresden, Germany, ZMD also services customers from offices worldwide including: Melville, NY; San Diego, CA; Santa Clara, CA; Stuttgart, Germany; London, England; and Taipei, Taiwan.

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