Tundra Tsi109 Host Bridge for PowerPC Hits Full Production

Tundra Semiconductor Corporation (TSX:TUN), the leader in System Interconnect, today announced that the Tundra Tsi109 Host Bridge, the industry’s highest performing host bridge for PowerPC, is in full production. With several host bridges in production and with numerous development platforms available, Tundra is fast becoming recognized as a market leader of high performance host bridges that meet the performance, power and design support expectations of customers designing with PowerPC.

The Tsi109′s innovative feature set and high reliability backed by accessible design support provides designers with:

  • Greater overall system performance
  • Reduced system design complexity
  • Superior power efficiency

The Tsi109 Host Bridge sets industry benchmarks for performance and power management through an innovative feature set supported by world-class design support. This host bridge is capable of dual processor support at 167MHz, which enables higher system compute performance. The Tsi109′s superior memory pipeline offers industry-leading memory bandwidth and an optimized PCI-X interface provides greater I/O to memory throughput. In addition to 2.5Watt typical power dissipation, the Tsi109 supports DDR2 memory, which makes this host bridge the ideal choice for high-density, power-sensitive applications. The combination of the Tsi109′s features, reliability and Tundra’s world-class support provides designers with the benefits of greater overall system performance, reduced system design complexity, better integration and superior power efficiency.

Tundra Host Bridges Top Choice with Customers
Tundra’s growing portfolio of Host Bridges for PowerPC delivers industry-leading system performance, power and cost for customers in the wireless and wireline networking, storage and embedded computing markets. Tundra Host Bridges offer designers best system performance-per-watt as well as best system performance-per-dollar and are ideal companion chips for Freescale MPC74xx high performance processors. The combination of the Tsi109′s rich feature set, high reliability and Tundra’s accessible design support has been well received by the industry’s leading PowerPC product vendors such as; VadaTech Inc. Recently announced, the VadaTech PMC710, a PrPMC (Processor PCI Mezzanine Card) and soon to be released in June 2006, the PMC712, a Dual PrPMC ideal for use in communications, defense/aerospace, and industrial control applications combines Freescale’s high performance 7448 PowerPC processor and the Tundra Tsi109 Host Bridge.

“Tundra is a leading System Interconnect design partner and their host bridges are great additions to the PowerPC ecosystem, we are impressed with both the Tsi109 and the recent launch of the Tsi110,” said Saeed Karamooz, president and CEO of VadaTech Inc. “Tundra’s roadmap of host bridges with innovative features, high reliability combined with its proven design support is enabling our customers to optimize their systems for the industry’s best performance and power.”

The Tsi109 is available in both standard and lead-free packages for commercial and industrial temperatures. Volume pricing for the Tsi109 is under $75USD. For documentation, including ordering information, user manuals, and software drivers, to assist in accelerated development with the Tsi109.

Host bridges interconnect PowerPC processors with subsystems and are critical components in embedded designs. With over a decade of investment and experience supporting PowerPC-based designs, Tundra Host Bridges for PowerPC have been widely adopted by market leaders. Tundra Host Bridges include, the 106TM, Tsi107TM, Tsi108TM, Tsi109, and Tsi110TM, and are regarded as the best companion chips for the industry’s leading PowerPC processor vendors – Freescale Semiconductor and IBM. The Tsi109 supports dual processors and supports several I/O peripherals – PCI, PCI-X, DDR2 Memory, and Gigabit Ethernet. To maintain software investment and accelerated development cycles, the Tsi109 is software and pin compatible with the Tsi108. The Tsi109 optimizes overall system performance, power and cost, while offering the industry’s best signal integrity.

Tundra Semiconductor Corporation (TSX:TUN) is the global leader in System Interconnect providing world-class support and leading edge semiconductor solutions to the world’s foremost communications, networking, storage system, and information technology vendors. Consistently delivering on system level performance promises that reduce time to market, Tundra System Interconnect ensures market advantage in wireless infrastructure, storage networking, network access, military, industrial automation, and information technology applications.

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