Helicomm Showcases 900MHz Wireless Platform at Embedded Systems Show

Helicomm, a leading wireless networking solutions provider, demonstrated its 900MHz integrated platforms for ZigBee technology and customer-specific applications at Embedded Systems Conference in San Jose. The innovative wireless platform integrates the ZMD44102 RF transceiver at 900MHz with Helicomm’s flexible, standard-based wireless networking products.

The Helicomm prototype of the ZMD44102 wireless networking platform was displayed at Embedded Systems Conference in San Jose, April 4-6 at ZMD’s Booth (#342). The Helicomm 900MHz integrated platform was demonstrated during ZMD’s Wireless Sensor Solutions reception at the San Jose Convention Center, Meeting Room E, on April 5, 7:00pm to 9:00pm. Helicomm featured the new generation 900MHz IP-Link Embedded Wireless platform, which fully integrates the benefits of the ZMD44102 high-performance wireless transceiver, 8051 based microcontroller and Helicomm’s reliable 900MHz IEEE802.15.4 MAC Stack to enable a truly robust, secure, low-data rate system solution for demanding applications.

“We are delighted to work with ZMD to provide integrated wireless networking solutions,” said Helicomm President, Jack Sun. “Our new generation 900MHz IP-Link products, sample available late 2Q06 will leverage the high performance, low power ZMD transceiver to provide customers with the industry’s leading low data rate wireless networking platform,” he added.

Helicomm’s wireless platforms include FCC-certified embedded modules, standards-based M2M terminals, network gateways, the tools and software that enable customers to quickly integrate and deploy wireless monitoring and control applications.

About Helicomm
Based in Carlsbad, Calif., with wholly owned subsidiaries in Beijing, China, andTaipei, Taiwan, Helicomm provides wireless networking solutions built upon the new ZigBee, IEEE 802.15.4 and IPv6 global standards for reliable, secure, low-power, cost-effective wireless networks. Helicomm’s wireless modules, network gateways, networking software and development tools provide customers the quickest and easiest way to integrate wireless networking into their products and systems.

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